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In an effort to provide this information, not available elsewhere with more recent manufacture dates, I'd like to start compiling a list of serial numbers and manufacture dates by model on SIG handguns manufactured 2005 or later. If you would like to contribute, please post the serial number, production date and model of your SIG handgun from the sticker. To protect your privacy, please substitute an "XXX" for the last three digits and I will add it to the list.

Please limit info provided to that which you have readily available to you from the sticker on the box. Similar lists have been compiled elsewhere on the interwebz, please refrain from copying that data.

Thank you for your support in this project!

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DA005xxx; 03-SEP-2009; P238; Thanks to tonyvillegas
27A200xxx; JUN-2014; P238-380-HD; Thanks to ThnkFrst
27B006xxx; 14-NOV-2013; P238 Tribal; Thanks to Whaler1
27B115xxx; 24-FEB-2015; P238 CA Comp; Thanks to tonyvillegas
27B217xxx; 14-MAR-2016; P238-380-B; Thanks to Jerz66
27B272xxx; 16-AUG-2016; P238-380-SAS; Thanks to uncledub
27B278xxx: 21-AUG-2016; P238
27B321xxx; 10-NOV-2016; 238-380-TSS-CA
27B31xxxx; 14-NOV-2016; 238-380-HDW
27B371xxx; 20-JUN-2017; 238-380-PSP; Lipsey modified; Thanks to KenBry


52A008xxx; 1-AUG-2012; 938 Extreme; Thanks to dwg13013
52A003xxx; 29-SEP-2012; 938-9-BRG-AMBI; Thanks to KenBry
52A035xxx; 04-DEC-2012; 938-9-NMR-AMBI; Thanks to WC43
52A043xxx; 18-JAN-2013; 938-9-EQ-AMBI
52A060xxx; 18-APR-2013; 938-9-NMR-AMBI; malicious compliance
52A01xxxx; 21-MAY-2013; 938-9-EQ-AMBI
52A000xxx; 15-JUL-2013; 938-9-SAS-AMBI; Thanks to dwg13013
52A084xxx; 09-SEP-2013; 938-9-SPORTS13; Thanks to WC43
52B022xxx; 17-FEB-2014; 938-9-SCPN
52B034xxx; 24-FEB-2014; 938-9-AG-AMBI; Thanks to GFFIREMEDIC53
52B046xxx; APR-2014; P938-9-Sports13
52B060xxx; JUN-2014; 938-9-AG-AMBI; Thanks to ThnkFrst
52B072xxx; 23-SEP-2014; 938-9-AG-AMBI; Thanks to alinc100
52B090xxx; FEB-2015; 938-9-EQ-AMBI; Thanks to ThnkFrst
52B100xxx; MAR-2015; 938-9-XTM-BLKGRY-AMBI; Thanks to ThnkFrst
52B135xxx; 06-AUG-2015; 938-9-TSS-BRG-AMBI; Thanks to Acechaser
52B165xxx; 16-JAN-2016; 938-9-XTM-BLKGRY-AMBI; Thanks to MountainMedic
52B185xxx; 17-MAR-2016; 938-9-SAS-AMBI; Thanks to hexnut
52B208xxx; 06-JUN-2016; 938-9-AGF-AMBI; Thanks to Jerz66
52B203xxx; 8-JUN-2016; p938-scorpion; Thanks to Dispo
52B213xxx; 14-JUL-2016; 938-BRG-AMBI; Thanks to SigBird
52B239xxx; 16-SEP-2016; P938; Thanks to tgoldie00
52B249xxx; 30-OCT-2016; 938-9-NMR-AMBI; Thanks to Holmes375
52B275xxx; 11-DEC-2016; P938; Thanks to WiseguyDS
52B256xxx; 14-JAN-2017; P938; Thanks to DerBiermeister
52B303xxx; 10-APR-2017; P938; Thanks to Rampo
52B322xxx; 13-JUN-2017; 938-9-SAS-AMBI
52E035xxx; 18-AUG-2018; 938-9-DB-LSR-AMBI; Thanks to Okowboy Gun Nut


SP0147xxx; 30-APR-2008; SP2022
24B043xxx; 28-SEP-2011; E2022-9-B; Thanks to WC43
24B147xxx; 22-AUG-2012; E2022-40-B; Thanks to Dan 2022
24B121xxx; 24-SEP-2012; E2022-9-B-CPL; Thanks to OhioBob
24B231xxx; 09-SEP-2014; E2022-9-B; Thanks to TimKempAK
24B238xxx; 25-NOV-2014; E2022-9-BSS
24B238xxx; DEC-2014; UDE2022-9-xxx; Thanks to glock35ipsc
24B241xxx; 27-DEC-2014; E2022-9-B
24B247xxx; 18-MAY-2015; SP2022 FDE
24B282xxx; 15-JAN-2016; SP2022
24B280xxx; 13-APR-2016; E2022-9-FDE; Thanks to tukatz
24B333xxx; 10-AUG-2016; E2022-40-B; Thanks to TimKempAK
24B361xxx; 05-FEB-2017; E2022-9-FDE; Thanks to jonv8944s
24B385xxx; 18-APR-2018; E2022-40-TSS

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P334xxx; 24-FEB-2012; P210 Legend Target; Thanks to Sarge1998
P335xxx; 20-MAY-2014; 210-9-LEGEND

P220 Compact

G388xxx; 7-AUG-2007; 220C3-45-SAS; malicious compliance
G406xxx; 2-MAR-2010; 220C3-45-BSSP-SAO; Thanks to dwg13013
37A012xxx; 14-JUN-2011; 220COR-45-BSS; Thanks to OhioBob
G508xxx; 7-MAY-2013; P220 Compact/Scorpion; Thanks to Sarge1998

P220 Carry

G402xxx; 12-OCT-2007; 220R3-45-SMT
G510xxx; 15-FEB-2010; P220 Dark Elite Carry; Thanks to Johnnyfive
37B046xxx; 19-SEP-2016; 220R3-45-SAS2B; P220 SAS Carry; Thanks to TimKempAK
37B053xxx; 17-FEB-2017; 220R3-45-SAS2B; Thanks to CXXX


G359xxx; 11-FEB-2005; 220C-45-SSS ST; Thanks to dwg13013
G396xxx; 1-FEB-2008; UD220-45-B1; malicious compliance
G508xxx; 27-Jan-2010; 220-45-SSS; Thanks to Willard
37A005xxx; 29-SEP-2010; 220-45-EQ; Thanks to GFFIREMEDIC53
G521xxx; 15-JUN-2011; 220R-45-SSE; Thanks to deadmanmike
37A019xxx; 24-DEC-2011
G527xxx; 2-AUG-2013; 220-45-SSS; malicious compliance
37B007xxx; 19-JUN-2014
37B017xxx; 30-OCT-2014; 220-45-SSS; Thanks to Bro KV
37B017xxx; 05-JAN-2015; 220R3-45-SAS2B; Thanks to GFFIREMEDIC53
37B021xxx; 26-MAR-2015; P220 SSE
37B020xxx; 30-MAR-2015; 220R5-45-MSE
37B017xxx; 26-JUN-2015; 220R3-45-SAS 2B; Thanks to DeathMerchant
37B027xxx; 11-SEP-2015; 220-45-CP-DS-CA; Thanks to Applepooh
37B034xxx; 04-MAY-2016;W220R-45-SCPN; Thanks to Muffin
37B033xxx; 30-JUN-2016; 220-45-SSS-CA; Thanks to tcfiero
37B04xxxx; 15-SEP-2016; 220R3-45-EQ
37B050xxx; 04-JAN-2017; P220 SAO; Thanks to Superzuki
37B051xxx; 16-AUG-2017; 220R-45-SCPN; Thanks to KenBry

P220 10mm

37B024xxx; 29-APR-2015; 220R5-10-RTAS-MSE; Thanks to TimKempAK
37B023xxx; 04-MAY-2015; 220R5-10-GTR; malicious compliance
37B027xxx; 29-MAY-2015; 220 R5-10-SSE-SAO; Thanks to dwg13013
37B034xxx; 27-N0V-2015; 220R5-10-BSE-SAO; Thanks to CXXX
37B049xxx; DEC-2016; 220R5-10-HP-SAO
37B04xxxx; 12-JAN-2017; 220RS5-10-SSE-SAO
37C007xxx; 19-FEB-2019; 220R5-10-RTAS-MSE

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50A001xxx; 28-May-2013; 224-40-NSS-DAK; Thanks to tcfiero
50A001xxx; 13-AUG-2013; 224-9-BSS-DAK; Thanks to GFFIREMEDIC53
50A001xxx; 14-AUG-2013: 224-40-BSS-DAK; malicious compliance
50E002xxx; 13-SEP-2013; 224-40-xtm-blkgry
50E001xxx; 08-OCT-2013; E24-9-BSS
50E003xxx; 05-NOV-2013; E24-9-BSS; Thanks to deadmanmike
50E0037xx; 21-NOV-2013; p224 40S&W Extreme; Thanks to lpesenson
50E000xxx; 04-APR-2014; P224; Thanks to eps135
50E006xxx; 28-APR-2014; E24-9-SAS2B


M675xxx; OCT-2009; P225; Thanks to bblr


46A003xxx; 31-OCT-2015; 225A-9-B-CL; Thanks to GFFIREMEDIC53
46A006xxx; 06-JAN-2016; P225A; Thanks to WiseguyDS
46A007xxx; 29-APR-2016; 225A-9-BSS-CC


SA 98XXX; FEB-2007; P239-9mm; Thanks to bblr
SA4119xxx; AUG-2007; 239-357-BSS; Thanks to ThnkFrst
SA4129xxx; 15-MAR-2008; 239-40-SAS
SA4143xxx; 6-MAR-2009; 239-40-B; Thanks to GFFIREMEDIC53
SA4144xxx; 11-APR-2009; P239; Thanks to Sarge1998
SBU013xxx; 27-AUG-2010
SBU025xxx; 18-JUL-2012; W239-40-BSS; Thanks to GFFIREMEDIC53
SBU020xxx; 12-JUN-2013; 239-40-B; Thanks to Willard
56A007xxx; 11-SEP-2014; 239-9-SCPN
56A00xxxx; 02-MAR-2015; 220RS5-10-SSE-SAO
56A008xxx; 02-MAR-2015; 239-357-BSS-DAK
56A011xxx; 04-SEP-2015; 239-357-BSS; Thanks to Cjones1802827
56A0123xx; 30-DEC-2015; 239-9-sas2b
56A012xxx; 23-MAY-2016; 239-9-BSS-CA
56A013xxx; 17-JUN-2016
56A0153xx; 11-SEP-2016; 239-357-SAS2B; Thanks to TimKempAK
56A015xxx; 12-SEP-2016; 239-9-SAS2B
56A014xxx; 28-SEP-2016; W239-9-BSS-DAK
56A0167xx; 29-MAR-2017; 239-9-TAC
56A017xxx; 29-MAR-2017; 239-357- SAS2B; Thanks to CXXX
56A018xxx; 11-JUL-2017; 239-9-SAS2B; Thanks to CXXX
56A011xxx; 17-JUL-2017; 239-9-SCPN
56A018xxx; 27-JUL-2017; 239-9-BSS-CA
56A018xxx; 27-SEP-2017; 239-375-SAS2B
56B000xxx; 18-JAN-2018; 239-40-B


U740xxx; 31-JUL-2006; E26R-9-PME; Thanks to Johnnyfive
UU598xxx; 21-AUG-2007; E26-40-PSE; Thanks to KenBry
U779xxx; 08-NOV-2007; P226R-9-B
U800xxx; 03-MAR-2008; E26R-40-BSS; Thanks to Willard
U811xxx; 28-MAY-2008; E26R-40-BSS-G; Thanks to SAObill
U851xxx; 15-JUN-2009; E26R-40-BSE; Thanks to KenBry
U8524xx; 29-JUN-2009; E26BR-9-BWTAC; Thanks to Sarge1998
U840xxx; 30-SEP-2010; Stainless 226-40-SSS
U841xxx; 08-MAR-2011; P226-9-SSS
UU6488xxx; 18-JUN-2011; E26R-9-PSE; Thanks to eps135
UU688xxx; 10-AUG-2011; P226 9mm Tacops
U876xxx; SEP-2011; E26R-9-SSE
UU693xxx; 22-SEP-2011; E-26-R-40-B; Thanks to GFFIREMEDIC53
U840xxx; 30-SEP-2011; R26R-9-SBSS
U875xxx; 14-OCT-2011; Rev Two Tone E26R-40-RTSS
U874xxx; NOV-2011; P226 German frame w/rail; Thanks to glock35ipsc
UU716xxx; 14-MAR-2012; E26R-40-XTM-BLKGRY
UU722xxx; 11-MAY-2012; 226r-40-tacops; Thanks to deadmanmike
UU730xxx; 12-JUN-2012; E26R-9-B; Thanks to dberezin
UU765xxx; 20-MAR-2013; Dark Elite E26R-40-DSE
47A000xxx; 19-JUL-2013; E26R-9-TACOPS
UU796xxx; 24-JUL-2013; E26R-9-BSS; Thanks to CXXX
47A069xxx; 20-AUG-2014; E26R-9-SBSS; malicious compliance
47A080xxx; 6-JAN-2015; P226-SSE
47A065xxx; 07-JAN-2015; UDE226-357-B1; Thanks to alinc100
47A067xxx; 13-JAN-2015; P226; Thanks to Pearson
47A090xxx; 04-FEB-2015; P226 TacOps 9mm; Thanks to blackntan
45A036xxx; 16-FEB-2015; P229R 9mm
47A092xxx; 29-MAR-2015; 226R-9-BSS-CA
47A114xxx; 30-JUL-2015; E26R-9-SSE
47A116xxx; 08-SEP-2015; P226R-9-SSE; Thanks to alinc100
47A117xxx - 01-OCT-2015; E26R-9-LEGION; Thanks to eps135
47A118xxx; 10-NOV-2015; E26R-40-LEGION; Thanks to tcfiero
47A126xxx; 21-DEC-2015; P226 Legion 9mm; Thanks to blackntan
47A135xxx; 10-FEB-2016; P226 MK25 9mm; Thanks to blackntan
47A158xxx; 26-APR-2016; P226R-9B; Thanks to M1911a1lover
47A193xxx; 19-SEP-2016; P226 Legion; Thanks to DerBiermeister
47A20xxxx; 23-OCT-2016; E26R-40-EQ
47A210xxx; 17-NOV-2016; WE26R-9-BSS-SRT; Thanks to KenBry
47C017xxx; 24-MAY-2017; E26R-9-Legion
47A221xxx; 06-JUN-2017; E26R-9-LEGION-SAO; Thanks to tgoldie00
47C040xxx; 09-AUG-2017; 226R-22-BAS; Thanks to KenBry
47C03xxxx; 13-AUG-2017; P226
47A221xxx; 16-AUG-2017; P226 Legion; Thanks to WiseguyDS
47C019xxx; 05-OCT-2017; P226 Legion
47C022xxx; 06-NOV-2017; E26R-9-LEGION-RX; Thanks to freegrape
47C018xxx; 05-FEB-2018; E26R-9-ASE; Thanks to kjphilippona

P226 MK-25

UU734xxx; 24-JUL-2012; WMK25 P226, Navy Version 9mm; Thanks to SigDan
UU743xxx; 07-AUG-2012; MK-25; Thanks to GFFIREMEDIC53
UU735xxx; 05-NOV-2012; Sig Sauer P226 Navy Version MK25, 9MM FNRA 2013
UU756xxx; 14-JAN-2013; MK-25; Thanks to CXXX
UU774xxx; 24-APR-2013; P226 Navy Version MK-25
UU774xxx; 24-APR-2013; P226 Navy Version MK-25
UU775xxx; 30-APR-2013; P226 MK-25
UU771xxx; 23-MAY-2013; P226 MK-25
UU791xxx; 08-JUL-2013; P226, Navy Version MK-25 9mm
UU793xxx; 11-SEP-2013; P226 MK-25
UU774xxx; 18-OCT-2013; P226 MK-25 9mm
47A025xxx; 26-NOV-2013; MK-25-D; Thanks to Sarge 1998
47A050xxx; 16-APR-2014; P226/MK-25 9mm
47A049xxx; 22-APR-2014; P226 NAVY MK25-10; Thanks to kjphilippona
47A075xxx; 23-OCT-2014; P226 Navy Version MK-25-D
47A105xxx; 28-MAY-2015; MK-25; Thanks to deadmanmike
47A091xxx; 6-JUN-2015; P226 MK-25; Thanks to nfsunder2
47A119xxx; 21-SEP-2015; MK-25; Thanks to CXXX
47A112xxx; 24-SEP-2015; MK-25-D; Thanks to eps135
46A126xxx; 28-NOV-2015; MK-25
47A127xxx; 07-DEC-2015; P226 MK-25; Thanks to bridge
47A167xxx; JUL-2016; P226 MK-25
47A211xxx; 19-FEB-2017; P226 WMK25; Thanks to Gunny49
47C0341xx; 03-DEC-2017; MK-25-TB
47C0344xx; 10-FEB-2018; MK-25-TB


U874xxx; 25-JUL-2011; 226X5-9-AR; Thanks to SteveAikens
U878xxx; 9-NOV-2011; 226X5-9-L1
U890xxx; MAR-2013; 226x5-9-comp; Thanks to jonv8944s
U903xxx; 25-OCT-2013; P226 X5-9-BW; Thanks to sigke
U904xxx; 10-DEC-2013; P226 X5E AR-40; Thanks to blackntan
U904xxx; 12-DEC-2013; 226X5-40-L1
U904xxx; 17-DEC-2013; P226 X5-40-COMP; Thanks to sigke
U903xxx; 27-JAN-2014; 226X5-9-COMP*
U909xxx; MAY-2014; 226x5e-40-AR; Thanks to jonv8944s
U920xxx; 01-AUG-2016; P226 X5 Super Match

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51A000xxx; 14-JUN-2013; 227R-45-BSS; Thanks to deadmanmike
51B0041xx; 07-DEC-2013; 227R-45-BSS; Thanks to Mowzerluvr
51B004xxx; 09-DEC-2013; 227R-45-BSS; Thanks to CXXX
51B005xxx; 27-JAN-2014; 227R3-45-BSS; Thanks to Cjones1802827
51B006xxx; 07-FEB-2014; 227R-45-EQ; Thanks to eps135
51B008xxx; 23-FEB-2014; 227R-45-BSS; Thanks to WC43
51B014xxx; 14-APR-2014; 227R3-45-SAS2B; Thanks to flwing
51B027xxx; 07-DEC-2015; 227R3-45-SAS2B; Thanks to TimKempAK
51B029xxx; 30-SEP-2016; 227R3-45-SAS2B; Thanks to flwing


B341xxx; 28-MAY-2009; E28R-9-B

P229 Carry

55B036xxx; AUG-2015; E29CA-357-SAS2B; Thanks to ThnkFrst
55B040xxx; 27-OCT-2015; E29CA-357-SAS2B; Thanks to CXXX


AAU01xxx; 9-SEP-2005; E29R-40-HSP; Thanks to SigDan
ACU00xxx; MAY-2006; 229R Nickel; Thanks to dwg13013
AM683xx; 25-APR-2007; e29r-357-b; Thanks to eaglejbw
ADU06xxx; 06-OCT-2007; E29R-357-BSS-DAK-G
AM79xxx; 18-OCT-2007; E29R-40-BSS; Thanks to Cjones1802827
AM90xxx; 19-DEC-2007; E29R-40-BSS; Thanks to bblr
AM109xxx; 8-SEP-2008; E29R-40-EQ; Thanks to dwg13013
AM123xxx; APR-2009; P229 9mm Nitron; Thanks to M1911a1lover
AM123xxx; 29-APR-2009; E29R-9-BSS
AM155xxx; 30-JUN-2009; Stainless Elite E29R-40-SSE
AM157xxx; 22-JUL-2009; Equniox E29R-40-EQ
AM160xxx; 1-SEP-2009; E29R-40-BSS
AFU10xxx; 10-MAY-2010; E29-357-SAS2B
AGU05xxx; 02-JUL-2010; E29R-9-BSS-E2-G
AGU10xxx; 19-AUG-2010; E29R-9-BSS
AHU01xxx; 4-APR-2011; E29R-40-ESE; Thanks to CXXX
AHU05xxx; 12-JUL-2011; E29R-9-ESE; malicious compliance
AM12xxx; 10-OCT-2011; E29-9-BSS-GER
AFU089xx; 20-DEC-2011; E29-9-SAS2B; Thanks to Corpsman1998
AJU01xxx; FEB-2012; E29R-9-B; Thanks to ThnkFrst
AJU10xxx; 29-MAY-2012; E29-40-BSS; malicious compliance
AKU22xxx; 21-JUN- 2013; E29R-9-BSS-TACPAC-l; Thanks to CXXX
AKU13xxx; 28-AUG-2013; E29-40-SAS2B; Thanks to kjphilippona
45A015xx; 13-OCT-2013; p229 40S&W Nitron; Thanks to lpesenson
45A01xxx; 01-NOV-2013; Classic, no rail; Thanks to agumon12
55B003xxx; 16-DEC-2013; 229R-40 EQ; Thanks to GFFIREMEDIC53
55B0042xx; 31-DEC-2013; E29R-9-SSE
45A025xxx; 20-MAR-2014; E29-40-SAS2B; Thanks to tcfiero
45A027xxx; 16-MAY-2014; E29R-40-SCPN-DE; Thanks to KuZZo
55B021xxx; 26-NOV-2014; P229
55B023xxx; 13-DEC-2014; E29R-40-EQ ; Thanks to Twister
55B029xxx; 20-MAR-2015; E29R-9-SCPN; Thanks to Gcham5
55B032xxx; 29-JUN-2015; E29R-9-BPIRNA Lew Horton limited edition Pirahna; Thanks to KenBry
55B039xxx; JUL-2015; E29R-40-SSE
55B0258xx; 12-APR-2016; E29R-9-CBT
45A046xxx; 02-MAY-2016; E29-357-SAS2B; Thanks to CXXX
55B054xxx; 07-JUN-2016; UDE229-9-B1; DAK; P229 SAS; Thanks to TimKempAK
55B068xxx; 23-JUN-2016; E29R-40-SSE
45A046xxx; 12-AUG-2016; WE29-9-BSS-LGCY; Thanks to glock35ipsc
55B0745xx; 03-OCT-2016; E29R-9-CBT
55B069xxx; 06-OCT-2016; P229 Legion; Thanks to Pearson
55B062xxx; 08-NOV-2016; E29R-40-ESE; Thanks to JDIOWA
45A050xxx; 06-DEC-2016; E29-9-SAS2B; Thanks to CXXX
55B094xxx; 30-JUL-2017; E29R-9-LEGION; Thanks to KenBry
55B098xxx; 19-AUG-2017; E29R-9-BTF P229 Elite (Titanium Blue); Thanks to TimKempAK
45A054xxx; 19-DEC-2017; E29-9-SAS2B; Thanks to flwing
55EO10xxx; 28-APR-2018; E29R-9-Sel.


AJU23xxx; NOV-2012; M11-A1; Thanks to RG33
45A007xxx; 30-SEP-2013; M11-A1; Thanks to CXXX
45A011xxx; 17-OCT-2013; M11-A1; Thanks to Willard
45A003xxx; 15-NOV-2013; M11-A1; Thanks to Dispo
45A018xxx; 10-DEC-2013; M11-A1; Thanks to CXXX
45A018xxx; 13-DEC-2013; M11-A1; Thanks to TimKempAK
45A022xxx; 22-JAN-2014; M11-A1; Thanks to SigDan
45A023xxx; 28-FEB-2014; M11-A1; Thanks to dplay
45A040xxx; 16-FEB-2016; M11-A1; Thanks to kjphilippona
45A038xxx; 24-JUL-2016; M11-A1-D
45A0513xx; 15-JAN-2017; M11-A1

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GS55xxx; 28-JAN-2012; 1911-45-STX
GS61xxx; 14-MAY-2012; 1911-45-STX; Thanks to GFFIREMEDIC53
GS83xxx; 11-JUN-2012; 1911FCA-45-NMR; Thanks to GFFIREMEDIC53
GS98xxx; 22-OCT-2012; 1911R-45-SCPN; malicious compliance
54A036xxx; 01-APR-2013; 1911R-45-SSS; Thanks to jonv8944s
54A029xxx; 02-MAY-2013; 1911CAR-45-TACOPS; Thanks to GFFIREMEDIC53
54A035xxx; 09-MAY-2013; 1911F-45-NMR; malicious compliance
54A063xxx; 30-AUG-2013; 1911-45-TSS-CAB13; Thanks to KenBry
54B000xxx; 17-SEP-2013; 1911R-45-SCPN; Thanks to Johnnyfive
54B013xxx; 19-NOV-2013; 1911U-45-NBS13
54B009xxx; 25-NOV-2013; (C3) 1911CO-45-TSS-C3P-CTW; Thanks to TimKempAK
54B025xxx; 17-JAN-2014; 1911U-45-TSS; Thanks to Gunny49
54B025xxx; 22-JAN-2014; 1911 Fastback Carry Nightmare
54B090xxx; 03-MAR-2015; 1911-45-S-TGT
54B077xxx; 05-MAR-2015; 1911U-45-BSS
54B086xxx; 11-MAR-2015; 1911R-45-TACOPS; Thanks to CXXX
54B087xxx; 28-MAR-2015; 1911F-357-NMR; malicious compliance
54B067xxx; 19-JUN-2015; 1911R-357-TACOPS; malicious compliance
54B101xxx; 26-JUN-2015; 1011UT-9-TSS; malicious compliance
54B110xxx; 30-OCT-2015; 1911-45-S-XO; Thanks to sigke
54B114xxx; 19-JAN-2016; 1911UT-9-TSS; Thanks to GFFIREMEDIC53
54B127xxx: 23-MAY-2016; 1911R-45-ESCPN; Thanks to eps135
54B079xxx; 31-MAY-2016; 1911-45-S-STGT; Thanks to alinc100
54B104xxx; 08-JAN-2017; 1911R-10-TACOPS; malicious compliance
54B165xxx; 13-NOV-2017; 1911UT-9-TSS
54B174xxx; 28-DEC-2017; 1911TR-9-TACOPS; malicious compliance


S265xxx; 12-MAY-2006; P232 SS; Thanks to Sarge1998
S287xxx; 17-NOV-2008; P232-380-SSS; Thanks to alinc100
S312xxx; 31-OCT-2009; P232-380-B; Thanks to sambasye
S312xxx; 20-DEC-2009; 232-380-TSS; Thanks to tcfiero
S314xxx; 12-APR-2010; P232-380-BSS-G; Thanks to GFFIREMEDIC53
S327xxx; 02-AUG-2013; 232-380-SSS; Thanks to tcfiero


C016xxx; FEB-2005; 245-45-FEB05; Thanks to ThnkFrst


EAK067xxx; 26-AUG-2001; 250C-40-BSS-10
57C020xxx; 18-NOV-2015; 250C-22-B; Thanks to Manster
57CO58xxx; 07-AUG-2018; 250SC-45-B


25B008xxx; 23-NOV-2011; 290-9-TSS-L (2-Tone, Siglite, Laser); Thanks to stillwater0302
26C028xxx; 14-JAN-2014; 290RS-9-BSS-L; Thanks to OhioBob
26C029xxx; 09-JUN-2014; 290RS-9-BSS; Thanks to CXXX
28C047xxx; 30-DEC-2014; P290RS 9mm; Thanks to blackntan



58A029xxx; 27-JUN-2015; 320SC-9-BSS; Thanks to Gcham5
58B033xxx; 06-JUL-2015; 320SC-9-B; Thanks to tukatz
58A120xxx; 03-MAR-2017; 320SC-9-BSS


58A004xxx; 21-JUN-2014; 320C-9-BSS; Thanks to TimKempAK
5A8000xxx; 18-MAR-2015; 320C-9-BSS; Thanks to CXXX
58B029xxx; 27-MAY-2015; 320C-9-FDE; Thanks to stillwater0302
58B041xxx; 10-JUL-2015; 320C-9-BSS; Thanks to deadmanmike
58A057xxx; 12-DEC-2015; 320C-9-BSS; Thanks to Bro KV
58A081xxx; 27-APR-2016; W320C-9-BSS; Thanks to glock35ipsc
58C006xxx; 06-MAR-2017; 320C-9-FDE; Thanks to KenBry
58B208xxx; 22-APR-2017; P320C-9-B; Thanks to freediverdude
58C04xxxx; 13-JUN-2017; P320 Compact; Thanks to chrissmallwood
58GB213xxx; 12-NOV-2017; P320 Compact


58A090xxx; 31-AUG-2016; 320CA-9-BSS; Thanks to Manster
58B169xxx; 03-FEB-2017; P320CA 9mm; Thanks to blackntan

Full Size

58B010xxx; 6-NOV-2014; P320F-9-BSS; Thanks to Sarge1998
58A056xxx; 28-NOV-2015; P320F-9-BSS; Thanks to Bro KV
58A058xxx - 03-DEC-2015; 320F-9-BSS; Thanks to eps135
58B156xxx; 13-JAN-2017; P320F 9mm; Thanks to blackntan
58B164xxx; 27-JAN-2017; 320F-9-B; Thanks to Twister
58A116xxx; 06-FEB-2017; W320F-40-BSS
58B194xxx; 25-MAR-2017; 320F-9-TSS-RX


58B233xxx; 20-MAY-2017; P320 X Five 9mm; Thanks to blackntan
58C133xxx; 25-NOV-2017; P320 X Carry 9mm; Thanks to blackntan
58C339xxx; 18-JUN-2018; 320X5-9-BAS

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66A0007xx; 20-JAN-2018
66A0008xx; 20-JAN-2018; Thanks to jhsigtx
66A0009xx; 21-JAN-2018
66A0013xx; 21-JAN-2018
66A0012xx; 24-JAN-2018
66A0021xx; 28-JAN-2018; Thanks to just10mm
66A0022xx; 29-JAN-2018
66A0022xx; 02-FEB-2018; 365-9-BXR3; Thanks to TimKempAK
66A0030xx; 06-FEB-2018
66A0044xx; 12-FEB-2018
66A0047xx; 15-FEB-2018; Thanks to K46Tank
66A0057xx; 15-FEB-2018
66A0070xx; 22-FEB-2018
66A0070xx; 23-FEB-2018; Thanks to Chetperk
66A0076xx; 23-FEB-2018
66A0083xx; 28-FEB-2018
66A0084xx; 03-MAR-2018; 365-9-BXR3
66A0088xx; 03-MAR-2018; Thanks to RoadDog
66A0092xx; 04-MAR-2018; Thanks to MultiSync
66A0091xx; 06-MAR-2018
66A0096xx; 08-MAR-2018
66A0101xx; 08-MAR-2018
66A0111xx; 11-MAR-2018; Thanks to kz2
66A0116xx; 11-MAR-2018
66A0116xx; 11-MAR-2018
66A0116xx; 11-MAR-2018; Thanks to MarkB1
66A0125xx; 11-MAR-2018
66A0126xx; 11-MAR-2018
66A011xxx; 12-MAR-2018; Thanks to ShootAlot44
66A0117xx; 12-MAR-2018
66A0125xx; 12-MAR-2018
66A0128xx; 15-MAR-2018; Thanks to Harpo
66A0132xx; 15-MAR-2018
66A0134xx; 16-MAR-2018; Thanks to SecondSigUser
66A0134xx; 16-MAR-2018
66A0139xx; 16-MAR-2018; Thanks to ma6907
66A0145xx; 17-MAR-2018
66A0150xx; 19-MAR-2018; Thanks to buds
66A0164xx; 22-MAR-2018
66A0176xx; 22-MAR-2018; 365-9-BXR3
66A0175xx; 24-MAR-2018
66A0157xx; 24-MAR-2018
66A0148xx; 25-MAR-2018
66A0187xx; 25-MAR-2018
66A019xxx; 27-MAR-2018
66A0195xx; 27-MAR-2018
66A0199xx; 28-MAR-2018
66A0205xx; 31-MAR-2018
66A0207xx; 31-MAR-2018
66A0210xx; 04-APR-2018
66A022xxx; 05-APR-2018
66A0244xx; 05-APR-2018; Thanks to Brendon55
66A0235xx; 07-APR-2018
66A0231xx; 08-APR-2018
66A025xxx; 09-APR-2018
66A026xxx; 09-APR-2018
66A0263xx; 12-APR-2018
66A0266xx; 12-APR-2018
66A0298xx; 18-APR-2018
66A0330xx; 20-APR-2018; 365-9-BXR3; Malicious Compliance
66A0332xx; 20-APR-2018
66A0340xx; 21-APR-2018
66A0359xx; 24-APR-2018
66A0357xx; 25-APR-2018
66A001xxx; 26-APR-2018
66A0361xx; 26-APR-2018
66A0387xx; 29-APR-2018; 365-9-BXR3; Thanks to TimKempAK
66A0390xx; 03-MAY-2018
66A040xxx; 08-MAY-2018
66A0415xx; 08-MAY-2018
66A018xxx; 11-MAY-2018
66A0482xx; 12-MAY-2018
66A0440xx; 13-MAY-2018
66A0456xx; 16-MAY-2018
66A0484xx; 19-MAY-2018
66A040xxx; 21-MAY-2018
66A040xxx; 21-MAY-2018
66A042xxx; 21-MAY-2018
66A049xxx; 21-MAY-2018
66A0499xx; 21-MAY-2018
66A0507xx; 24-MAY-2018
66A0525xx; 29-MAY-2018
66A0542xx; 29-MAY-2018
66A0516xx; 31-MAY-2018
66A0524xx; 31-MAY-2018
66A055xxx; 31-MAY-2018; 365-9-BXR3
66A0555xx; 01-JUN-2018
66A0581xx; 03-JUN-2018
66A0600xx; 08-JUN-2018
66A059xxx; 09-JUN-2018; 365-9-BXR3
66A0597xx; 09-JUN-2018
66A061xxx; 10-JUN-2018
66A0641xx; 10-JUN-2018
66A061xxx; 11-JUN-2018
66A0624xx; 12-JUN-2018
66A0635xx; 14-JUN-2018
66A0645xx; 16-JUN-2018
66A0659xx; 17-JUN-2018
66A0526xx; 18-JUN-2018
66A0669xx; 20-JUN-2018
66A0688xx; 20-JUN-2018
66A0694xx; 22-JUN-2018
66A0656xx; 23-JUN-2018
66A07xxxx; 24-JUN-2018
66A069xxx; 26-JUN-2018
66A0691xx; 26-JUN-2018
66A0699xx; 29-JUN-2018
66A070xxx; 29-JUN-2018
66A0707xx; 29-JUN-2018
66A0718xx; 29-JUN-2018
66A071xxx; 30-JUN-2018; 365-9-BXR3; Thanks to Fairshake
66A0716xx; 30-JUN-2018
66A0752xx; 30-JUN-2018
66A0763xx; 30-JUN-2018
66A0779xx; 03-JUL-2018
66A0802xx; 07-JUL-2018
66A0805xx; 10-JUL-2018
66A0811xx; 10-JUL-2018
66A0814xx; 10-JUL-2018
66A0807xx; 11-JUL-2018
66A082xxx; 14-JUL-2018; 365-9-BX3R3; Thanks to fatboy233
66A0824xx; 14-JUL-2018
66A0844xx; 17-JUL-2018
66A0860xx; 17-JUL-2018
66A0867xx; 17-JUL-2018
66A075xxx; 18-JUL-2018
66A0871xx; 19-JUL-2018
66A0872xx; 19-JUL-2018
66A041xxx; 21-JUL-2018
66A0879xx; 22-JUL-2018; L365-9-BXR3
66A089xxx; 27-JUL-2018; 365-9-BXR3; Thanks to RMShortley
66A088xxx; 30-JUL-2018
66A0943xx; 02-AUG-2018
66A0954xx; 03-AUG-2018
66A0951xx; 12-AUG-2018
66A0622xx; 15-AUG-2018
66A097xxx; 15-AUG-2018; p365; Thanks to Gimpy 1940
66A0983xx; 15-AUG-2018
66A099xxx; 22-AUG-2018; L365-9-BXR3
66A101xxx; 26-AUG-1018
66A1023xx; 30-AUG-2018
66A1029xx; 04-SEP-2018
66A1029xx; 04-SEP-2018
66A1032xx; 05-SEP-2018
66A1040xx; 08-SEP-2018
66A1049xx: 08-SEP-2018
66A104xxx; 10-SEP-2018; p365; Thanks to Dispo
66A106xxx; 12-SEP-2018
66A1078xx; 14-SEP-2018
66A1105xx; 17-SEP-2018
66A1104xx; 18-SEP-2018
66A108xxx; 18-SEP-2018
66A1097xx; 19-SEP-2018
66A1107xx; 19-SEP-2018
66A1116xx; 20-SEP-2018
66A1118xx; 20-SEP-2018
66A1123xx; 21-SEP-2018
66A1124xx; 21-SEP-2018
66A1116xx; 23-SEP-2018
66A200xxx; 23-SEP-2018
66A2005xx; 23-SEP-2018
66A2006xx; 23-SEP-2018
66A2006xx; 23-SEP-2018
66A2006xx; 23-SEP-2018
66A2006xx; 23-SEP-2018
66A2006xx; 23-SEP-2018
66A2006xx; 23-SEP-2018
66A2006xx; 23-SEP-2018
66A2006xx; 23-SEP-2018
66A2007xx; 23-SEP-2018
66A2007xx; 23-SEP-2018
66A2007xx; 23-SEP-2018
66A2007xx; 23-SEP-2018
66A2007xx; 23-SEP-2018
66A2007xx; 23-SEP-2018
66A2007xx; 23-SEP-2018
66A2008xx; 23-SEP-2018
66A2013xx; 23-SEP-2018
66A2013xx; 23-SEP-2018
66A2003xx; 24-SEP-2018
66A2017xx; 24-SEP-2018
66A2018xx; 24-SEP-2018
66A2034xx; 26-SEP-2018
66A2067xx; 28-SEP-2018
66A2077xx; 28-Sep-2018
66A2088xx; 02-OCT-2018
66A2135xx; 04-OCT-2018
66A2124xx; 08-OCT-2018
66A2169xx; 08-OCT-2018
66A2178xx; 11-OCT-2018
66A2190xx; 11-OCT-2018
66A2175xx -12-OCT-2018
66A2187xx; 12-OCT-2018
66A2212xx; 13-OCT-2018
66A2255xx; 13-OCT-2018
66A224xxx; 15-OCT-2018
66A2216xx; 16-OCT-2018
66A224xxx; 16-OCT-2018
66A2219xx; 17-OCT-2018
66A2264xx; 17-OCT-2018
66A2265xx; 17-OCT-2018
66A2286xx; 17-OCT-2018
66A2276xx; 20-OCT-2018
66A2279xx; 20-OCT-2018
66A2295xx; 20-OCT-2018
66A2303xx; 20-OCT-2018
66A22xxxx; 21-OCT-2018
66A2302xx; 21-OCT-2018
66A2337xx, 22-OCT-2018
66A2300xx; 22-OCT-2018
66A235xxx; 23-OCT-2018
66A2384xx; 26-OCT-2018
66A2384xx; 26-OCT-2018
66A2384xx; 26-OCT-2018
66A2321xx; 27-OCT-2018; 365-9-BXR3; Thanks to mmmtacos
66A2402xx; 27-OCT-2018
66A2405xx; 27-OCT-2018
66A2409xx; 30-OCT-2018
66A2435xx; 30-OCT-2018
66A2438xx; 01-NOV-2018
66A24xxxx; 03-NOV-2018
66A2532xx; 12-NOV-2018
66A238xxx; 17-NOV-2018
66A249xxx; 20-NOV-2018
66A2495xx; 23-NOV-2018
66A2683xx; 23-NOV-2018
66A267xxx; 24-NOV-2018
66A256xxx; 27-NOV-2018; 365-9-BXR3; Thanks to SonOfDad
66A2870xx; 30-NOV-18
66A284xxx; 01-DEC-2018
66A2752xx; 02-DEC-2018
66A284xxx; 04-DEC-2018
66A291xxx; 08-DEC-2018
66A2921xx; 08-DEC-2018
66A2929xx; 08-DEC-2018
66A2565xx; 18-DEC-2018
66A278xxx; 21-DEC-2018
66A298xxx; 24-DEC-2018; 365-9-BXR3
66A302xxx; 27-DEC-2018
66A309xxx; 28-DEC-2018
66A287xxx; 31-DEC-2018
66A313xxx; 02-JAN-2019
66A314xxx; 04-JAN-2019
66A317xxx; 04-Jan-2019
66A297xxx; 05-JAN-2019
66A308xxx; 05-JAN-2019
66A311xxx; 07-JAN-2019
66A316xxx; 09-JAN-2019

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Here are two more post 2005 serial numbers for you. Both of these were purchased used. I contacted Sig for the dates.

P226R, UU624xxx, August 2006, 9mm

P226R, U743xxx, September 8, 2006, .357 Sig, agency marked "City of Burton Police"

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Here are two more post 2005 serial numbers for you. Both of these were purchased used. I contacted Sig for the dates.

P226R, UU624xxx, August 2006, 9mm

P226R, U743xxx, September 8, 2006, .357 Sig, agency marked "City of Burton Police"
these lists aren't updated because they come from a different forum & are for enlightenment only.

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Since these numbers aren't already in this list. Hopefully, this helps someone else out in the future, though Sig can probably give you an exact date if you're close to one of these serials and email them.

47A052XXX - 18-MAR-2014 - E226-357-B1

P320 Full Size
58A011XXX - 31-JUL-2014 - 320F-40-BSS

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More info for the list

37C004xxx; 24-OCT-2018; 220R5-45-MSE
37C006xxx; 06-JAN-2019; 220R-45-LEGION Black

P220 10
37C006xxx; 29-APR-2019; 220R5-10-LEGION

47A078xxx; 30-DEC-2014; WE26R-40-SSE
47C013xxx; 30-MAR-2017; WE26R-9-LEGION
47E030xxx; 26-JAN-2019; E26R-40-LEGION Black

51E000xxx; 07-SEP-2018; 227R3-45-SAS2B
51B024xxx; 07-MAR-2016; E27R-45-TACOPS-E

55B005xxx; 17-JAN-2014; P229R-22-BAS
55B001xxx; 04-NOV-2013; WE29R-40-SSE
55B083xxx; 14-JAN-2017; E29R-40-LEGION
45A049xxx; 17-AUG-2016; P229-9-SAS2B

66A072xxx; 28-JUN-2018; W365-9-BXR3

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P365 SAS
66A568xxx; 05-OCT-2019; 365-9-SAS-C

P365 XL
66A522xxx; 15-AUG-2019; W365XL-9-BXR3
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