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  1. MCX folding stock hinge pin removal

    SIG Sauer Rifles
    Hi all. I'm trying to remove the hinge pin on an OEM MCX folding stock (doesn't matter which, they all use the same assembly) The pin is secured at the bottom by a circlip but I can't see any way to remove it. The shell of the folding knuckle is a tight fit around the clip, it doesn't have any...
  2. Can you stop PCB (pivoting contour brace) from rotating?

    SIG Sauer Rifles
    I've heard you can put tape, or what sounds like an even better fix - a washer, and stop the brace from freely rotating 360 degrees. Does anyone know how to do this? I like the whole form of the brace otherwise, without having to SBR the MPX-K and Canebrake of mine they are on.
  3. MDT Stocks at Brownells

    Good Deals
    Brownells has the Modular Driven Technologies skeleton carbine stocks on clearance. These are the V4s I believe with the foam wrap. Comes to 160 with activejunky and codes. (AJ is 8% back, and M8Y is an additional 20 off 200) (if you don't have an...
  4. Sig Stock Springs vs GGI Master Spring Kit

    SIG Sauer Pistols
    Greetings, I'd like to ask if there's anybody who has some experience with the GGI Master Spring Kit (found here: ) to clarify the differences of the springs found in the kit and the stock ones for SIGs. I know that it comes with a 17...
  5. SIG MCX Folding Stock - Too Tight

    SIG Sauer Rifles
    I was hoping someone would have been through this before. I purchased SIG's Telescoping Folding Stock which doesn't have an actual part number, but is referred to as the STOCK-X-FOLD-TELE-BLK. I'll attach a link below. Anyway, it takes about 50 lbs of pressure to raise the stock against the...
  6. SIG 553 Stock and Mag Sourcing

    SIG Sauer Rifles
    First - I hope this is an o.k. place to post this (please kindly let me know if it is not and I'll move it if I have that capability): I'm wondering what available resources are out there for stocks and magazines for the 553. There's only one listing on Gunbroker for the magazines, and it's...
  7. Collapsible stock for mpx? Sig-KES-GotAmmo LLC - ZRTS

    SIG Sauer Rifles
    so time to buy my collapsible stock... Almost bought a sig version but last min got screwed. I wasn't dead set on it but for price I was willing to give it a shot. The Safety harbor KES stock is nice but pricey. Heard good things about it. The Got Ammo LLC stock which is exclusively...
  8. Want To Buy SIG 516 Collapsible Stock

    I recently purchased a new 516 and it came with a magpul stock. I'd really like to find the factory Sig stock in FDE if anyone has one to sell. Thanks.. Newbie to the site, my 516 is the first AR platform rifle I've owned! :D
  9. Remington 7400 forearm/stock

    Good afternoon. Several years ago, I inherited a rifle after my grandfather passed away. Specifically, it was his hunting rifle and the rifle I learned how to shoot with. It's a Remington 7400 chambered in .243 Winchester. I am not exactly sure when it was built. Anyways, because of the high...
  10. Sig516 Stock

    SIG Sauer Rifles
    I might be the only one who wants one, but I recently purchased a new 516 and it came with the MOE stock. I have never been a fan of the MOE gear and would prefer the have the Sig crane stock that comes on the 716 and occasionally on some 516s. Does anybody know where I might be able to purchase...
  11. Tools to replace Buffer Tube, Stock on Sig716

    SIG Sauer Rifles
    All, The local gunsmith told me they were backed up for a month. I bought a MagPul PRS for my Sig716 Patrol. I picked up a tube, buffer, and new spring from Slash's Heavy Buffers. What tools do I need to remove the existing carbine tube and castle nut, and to install the new stock (besides...
  12. Looking for a AR10 MilSpec Buffer/Tube/Spring

    SIG Sauer Rifles
    Evening yall, I recently picked up a Magpul PRS to replace the ACS on my Sig716 Patrol (OD Green). I have been scouring the web looking for a site that has the parts I need: Buffer (Found one at Slash's Heavy Buffers) Spring (Again found one at Slash's) MilSpec RIFLE-length AR10 Tube - This...