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    Well I just landed a P224 in .40 and ordered a .357 barrel for it to keep my calibers in line. I typically carry a P229 or P226 but wanted the same controls and similar grip width in a small form factor pistol for when deeper concealment is needed. For some reason the P239 was not floating my...
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    Greetings, I'd like to ask if there's anybody who has some experience with the GGI Master Spring Kit (found here: ) to clarify the differences of the springs found in the kit and the stock ones for SIGs. I know that it comes with a 17...
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    SOLD--are P938 parts as follows: -A set of Hogue wraparound rubber grips -A set of 4 grip screws in unopened package -3 recoil springs and 3 firing pin springs in an unopened package Cost for all is $32 shipping included
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    I just ordered a Caliber X-Change Kit to convert my P226 from 40 to 9mm. The original pistol is 10 years old (recently bought at Academy sports used service pistol for under $500), what springs etc do I need to change? Also, should I use the 9mm or 40 springs since this is originally a 40, but...
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    About 3 years ago I bought what I thought was the world's best gun the Sig P229 in 9mm. I was convinced by, not just the hype, but actually shooting it on numerous occasions. As I tend to do, I bought the most expensive model thinking "if it's their most expensive, it MUST be their highest...
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    I have my p226 9mm loaded and ready in my gun vault for home defense along with an extra mag. My concern is my magazine springs. How often should I rotate my mags so they last?