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    So I'm looking to buy and X5 but don't know the differences between the models anyone have some insight and can point or recommend one or your experiences with one
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    SOLD For your consideration are 11 +2 basepads that came off new 40S&W X5 mags. Asking $285 shipped for the whole lot or $30 each. If you want a tracking number, it's $3 more for the lot or per item. PP gift option preferred but will take a money order or a credit card (Square App 3% Charge)...
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    As the title says, I am on the hunt for a Sig X5 Supermatch or an X5 Match (not the Short Match) chambered in 40S&W.:rolleyes: I have, for your consideration, a Noveske rifle in the Afghan configuration. It has the following upgraded parts... Giessele S3G trigger Fail Zero BCG Noveske marked...
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    Hi Everyone, Quick question regarding a new Sig X5 competition. I just got back from my FFL to inspect my firearm that arrived today and the unit looks like it's been through some substantial use. The barrel has significant wear from the slide and the firearm itself has a good amount of dirty...