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    I know there are a few posts like this, but I am desperately looking for the large grip for my SP2022. If anybody wants to sell their large grip, trade for my small and/or medium grips, or knows where I can buy a large grip, please let me know!! I've been looking for a large grip for quite...
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    I'm only posting this because I looked everywhere for the last year and couldn't find a large grip for my 2022. It seems as though they're eternally out of stock and never on eBay. Looked on eBay Saturday and found this. Just got it today and it's as the picture shows and marked with a four...
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    ***Sp2022**** Has anyone heard of anyone making and selling custom wood grips for the sp2022? Been looking as far away as Germany and no luck so far. About to make my own. Haha how hard could it be? So any info folks?
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    Hello, I have for sale 3 Uncle Mikes holsters. Size 1 Used very little, very clean like new $7.00 Size 15 Brand New $12.50 Size 16 Used but looks new and is very clean $8.00 For shipping I will send USPS Priority Mail any where in the USA for $5.80. I can combine shipping also with SP2022...
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    Roco finally got some more sig OEM 2022C mag plates imported from Deutschland. Yes they work on the regular 2022 mags in case anyone asks. SIG Sauer Pro Magazine base plate SP2022 - Roco FirearmTechnology, LLC
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    If anyone is willing to sell some 15rd and over Sig Pro/2022 mags, private message me.
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    I recently sold my SP 2022 and have two newer (I ran roughly 100 rounds through each of them) .40/.357 magazines. I listed them on eBay and didn't realize they wouldn't let me sell them because they're considered "high capacity." I have two photos but can't seem to attach them for some reason...
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    My first handgun purchase I bought this Sig back in 2012 when I turned 21, from Gander Mountain. I talked the guy down on price after he told me that it came with two mags, and when I looked at it only had one so he had dropped the price to 500, and then threw in a box of 100 rounds of...
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    I would love to have more mags, at least one more. Let me know what you have.
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    Debating on which tactical/laser light combo to go with my new sig pro 2022 40 cal with the new rail system. I like the Viridian c5l as I'm partial to the green laser but I've looked all over the web for pictures of the c5l on the sig pro but to no avail. All pictures posted will be greatly...