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  1. P365
    I've been looking to add an optic to my standard sig p365 so far I've narrowed it down to the outer impact micro dot mount and the Lakeline llc mount. My questions does anyone have any experience/ pictures with either, which one sits lower/mounts more securely. Thanks
  2. P365
    Hello, I just recently bought my first handgun as a Sig P365. The problem that I am having is every time I unload the magazine by hand with the slide, the 9th bullet always seems to be tilted up so instead of going into battery, it’s catching the top of the chamber. Has anyone else had this...
  3. P365
    Hi Guys, I recently bought a Sig P365. However, I had to send it back to Sig after putting a couple hundred rounds through it, because I noticed that the Tritium front sight did not light up in the dark. Which is all good, because the T Rex holster I ordered for it should be in the mail by then...
  4. P365
    I work in executive protection. Sometimes I just don't feel like carrying my P30 or G19 and go minimal depending on my job, weather, and outfit of the day. Before my P365 it was my G43 (thank God for more capacity!) I currently carry a lot of my pistols in the Safariland GLS Pro Fit series. A...
  5. P365
    This is an in-depth review of the Sig P365 VS Glock 43.
  6. P365
    I received the new Lightning Strike P365 17-4 Stainless Steel Striker today. I know that several ST members have requested a video of the MIM striker replacement. I had some time this evening so thought I'd record my installation. While I did mine on an open table, many have advised to...
1-6 of 6 Results