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  1. Advice---sig c3 vs sig 1911 stainless compact

    1911 Pistols
    I am trying to decide between the sig c3 and the sig 1911 stainless compact. [I asked about the c3 earlier but then discovered the 1911 compact (commander size). Which is better---I'm probably not going to carry this much but will use it at the range and for home defense. My normal carry is...
  2. Bought NIB 1911 C3 for $668!

    1911 Pistols
    Starting the year off with a new C3! I picked up a NIB 1911 C3 compact for $668. It will be $745 after shipping and transfer but I'm still happy about it ;-) After my first 1911 experience being the Scorpion, I couldn't resist picking this one up for such a good price. It's on its way to my...
  3. Nightmare carry vs C3

    SIG Sauer Pistols
    Hey everyone. 1st post in here. Months ago while at the range, I got to shoot two different 1911's (remington r1 and a ruger commander) and almost instantly fell in love with the 1911 style. I went home and started researching and pricing out the hundreds of different options. I looked into Sigs...