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sig 2022 9mm

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    I am selling my never used SP2022 9mm with 2 extra factory mags, crossbreed holster, blackhawk holster, 25 starfire rounds, and 50 FMJ rounds. let me know if you are interested. asking $550.00 Rare Swiss rail-less frame.
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    If anyone is willing to sell some 15rd and over Sig Pro/2022 mags, private message me.
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    My first handgun purchase I bought this Sig back in 2012 when I turned 21, from Gander Mountain. I talked the guy down on price after he told me that it came with two mags, and when I looked at it only had one so he had dropped the price to 500, and then threw in a box of 100 rounds of...
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    So I went to the range today with my sp2022 and I just had a lot of problems. Idk if its the gun or the reloads I'm shooting. I kept getting failures to eject, and jams with the brass. It just wasn't fun I I only got to shoot a full clip of 10 rds maybe one out of 5? I shot one clip of new ammo...
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    I'm looking to buy magazines for my new Sig 2022 9mm. Please reply or e-mail me at [email protected] Thanks