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    PLEASE HELP- Will someone help me finally understand "Holster Retention Levels"? Ever had one of those topics where you just KNOW you're going to get blazed for your ignorance, but there's no other real way to learn but to go through the fire? Because even though I've been handgunning and...
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    WTS - Sig P245 Package $700, Plus Milt Sparks VM2 and Other Holsters, etc. Reducing the P245 package to only $700. 1. (SOLD) First up is a like new, low round count Gen 1 P229 SAS in .40S&W DAK with box, papers, etc. $800, shipped. 2. REDUCED!!!! P245 . I will include four (4)...
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    Three new cqc serpa holsters with carbon fiber finish. They are in the box still. Im in alaska and can usps them to you anywhere with a flat rate box. You pay shipping(5.00) [email protected] 907-317-0683 text for pictures!!! I will also put a tracking order on it so they can be tracked.