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  1. Romeo 5 Mount Screws Too Tight To Remove....

    Sig Sauer Optics & Electronics
    Just got a new Romeo 5 mount, which came tightly screwed into the riser mount. I bought another special mount I want to attach the Romeo 5 directly to. However I cannot unscrew the torx screws attaching it to the riser mount - not with the included hardware at least. Those scres are extremely...
  2. Stripped Screws

    SIG Sauer Gunsmithing
    I need help removing the 2 screws that hold my Delta Point Pro on my M17. I used a cheap torque wrench that overtightened them and I cant get them out. So far I've tried using the striped screw easy remover bit and using different sized bits but nothing has worked.
  3. Romeo1 on P320 X-Carry

    Sig Sauer Optics & Electronics
    I saved up some cash to get a new Sig P320 RX at Bass Pro. Unfortunately when I got there they said it was on hold pending a background check. Bummer. I negotiated a reduced price on the X-Carry since it came with with removable plate ready for the Romeo1. The only place I could get a Romeo1...
  4. Stripped Screw in Pistol Optic. Help!

    SIG Sauer Gunsmithing
    While this isn't technically a Sig firearm in this case, I could see the same situation happening to anyone who mounts a Leupold DeltaPoint to their gun (plz mods, no bully). While removing the optic from the slide of a Walther Q5, I stripped a screwhead. Then, I drilled into the screw...
  5. P226 Hogue Grip Screws Don't Fit

    SIG Sauer Pistols
    I am trying to dress up my P226 with some Coco Bolo grips but the grip screws are no where close to the right size. My 226 is a Special Configuration W226-9-SP manufactured in 2013 with forward serrations, SRT, night sights, pic rail, and E2 grips. I popped of the E2 grips with out too much...
  6. O-Rings for Grip Screws on P-938

    SIG Sauer Pistols
    I just ordered the the Hogue Rubber grip for my 938, which currently has the aluminum grips (nightmare model). I currently keep blue loctite on the grip screws, but I really don't like that as a permanent solution, as I like to take them off to clean regularly. Especially now that I have the two...
  7. P226 thinner grip panel screws??

    SIG Sauer Pistols
    Hi, My name is Alex and I'm new on the forum. I have two P226 from early 90' in 9mm. I was cleaning one of them a few days ago, when I noticed that the grip panel screws (thread), are much thinner then the ones in the other pistol. Both where made in Germany, and both are about the same age...
  8. HELP Grip screws to long

    SIG Sauer Pistols
    I have a 93 sig p220 that I just replaced the factory grips with genuine Sig Sauer factory Aluminum grips (part#1201142-01) they are much thinner and have the Sig logo and feel great, but the screws are to long and protrude into the mag well, I can find nothing about shorter screws on the web...