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  1. Hello from Massachusetts | P229 Legion SAO

    New Member Introductions
    Hi, New P229 Legion SAO. I live in Massachusetts, so all my mags have the cute little dimples on it. I intend to move to New Hampshire next spring and will properly get to enjoy the Sig Pro Shop! I absolutely love my 229 SAO. That crisp trigger pull is depleting my ammo stock šŸ˜. Looking to...
  2. P229 Legion SAO

    P229 Legion SAO

  3. P226 Legion SAO

    P226 Legion SAO

  4. SOLD! SiG P220 Legion SAO + LOTS of accessories

    Ok all - Up for sale is my SiG P220 Legion SAO. Less than 100 rounds down the pipe and in overall excellent condition. This gun was good enough to cure me of my 1911 mania (temporarily) and is hands-down the finest SiG Sauer I've ever owned. However, my Guncrafter build is ready and it's time to...
  5. Want To Buy P220 Legion SAO Grips

    Looking for a pair of P220 Legion SAO Grips. (New or Darn close to being new) Thanks
  6. p229 legion sao

    Legion Series
    Does anyone know what holsters will fit my p229 legion sao, most everything on sigs website says not compatible with sao. Thank you.
  7. Legion P226/229sao safety mechanism

    Legion Series
    I am considering the purchase of a Legion P229sao. My question regards the thumb safety. As I understand it, with a round in the chamber and the hammer cocked, if the safety is placed on "safe" the trigger is disabled. Yet there is still a live round under a cocked hammer. There must be more...
  8. SOLD! SIG p226 Legion SAO 9mm

    For sale today is a fantastic condition Sig p226 Legion SAO 9mm. This gun has been kept in my safe and has a very low round count. The gun will come with THREE (3) factory mags, a hard case, Legion soft case and the Legion coin. The sights are still very strong and glow bright. I am located...
  9. Possibly unloading my Legion P220 SAO, better to sell as a package or seperate?

    Legion Series
    So my custom GUNCRAFTER No Name is on its way, and I'm thinking my SiG P220 Legion SAO may be redundant... will be deciding whether or not to sell over the next week or two. I belong to several shooting-related forums, and I have honestly not had the best luck in this forum's classifieds...
  10. New P220 Legion SAO Flat Trigger Adjustment.. recommendations?

    SIG Sauer Gunsmithing
    My search turned up nil, but feel free to link me if I missed something.... Having recently decided my penchant for expensive 1911's could no longer be justified in a real-world, tactically useful sense now that SiG is offering "the 45" in a Legion SAO version, and also from a desire to have...
  11. Sig P226 Elite SAO vs 9mm 1911 Range Officer

    SIG Sauer Pistols
    Hi there, new friends! I'm having a really hard time deciding what to choose between. Any help getting me off the fence would be much appreciated! I'll fill you in... The situation: I currently own a P226 DA/SA. I quite like the gun, but due to a physical disorder (Poland Syndrome, but not a...
  12. Is SAO REALLY Okay for EDC?

    Sorry if this should more appropriately go into another section of the forums (Moderator?) but... Want to get some opinions (yes, we all know about opinions and rectums): What's wrong (or right) with a hammer fired single action only auto for EDC?
  13. Want To Buy P226 SAO Legion

    NO LONGER LOOKING ...for a New or Excellent condition P226 SAO Legion.
  14. For Sale: Sig P226 Elite SAO (9mm)

    SOLD: Sig P226 Elite SAO (9mm) Traded Looking to sell my recently acquired P226 Elite SAO in 9mm. I purchased this used in Aug. but never had a chance go to out and shoot it. It will come with buyers choice of 2x15 rounders (OEM SIG) or 2x20 rounders (MecGar) It will also come with the...
  15. Legion P226 SAO safety very hard to engage

    Legion Series
    Hi Folks, Just picked up my first Legion this weekend. I already have a P226-MK25 so I wanted the Legion with SAO since I love that on my other Sig 1911s. The safety is very hard to engage. The disengage is perfectly fine. To engage it I pretty much have to shift my hand around and place my...
  16. P226, should this lip be here?

    SIG Sauer Pistols
    Hi, I purchased a sig p226 sao a week ago and have 260 rounds through it. First 110 frame was lubed with an ample amount of frog lube. Second 150 frame was lubed with a lot of brianenos regular slide glide applied every 50 rounds. Should this lip be here on both the left and right of the...
  17. P220 10mm DA/SA or SAO

    SIG Sauer Pistols
    I'm thinking of buying another P220, this one in 10mm. I have an Extreme in 45acp with the SRT trigger that has been worked over by the factory, great shooter. I am also an experienced 1911 shooter. But now I'm wondering if my new 10 should be a SAO instead of DA/SA. I will use it for range...
  18. For Sale: P226 Elite SAO w mags, premium holsters, Extreme grips

    Sold pending local FTF sale. Thanks.
  19. XSix SAO - Carry Condition 1?

    X-Series, Sport, Mastershop Pistols
    For an SAO Sig, you would assume you could safely carry in condition 1, but I downloaded the x series manual and I quote: "Never carry the pistol on your person with a round in the chamber and the hammer cocked." Hmmm. Is this Sig's lawyers talking? Is there no firing pin block? Thanks!