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  1. SOLD! Sig Virtus MCX Slim 16" DMR Handguard Black

    $60 - Virtus slim handguard, DMR 16" length, in excellent shape. Located near Portland, OR. Price listed is shipped - I can do USPS Money Order, cashier's check from your bank, or PayPal gift (or you add 4% to cover fees). PM me if you are interested.
  2. Remington 700 CP Bolt Action Chassis Pistol

    Remington 700 CP Bolt Action Chassis Pistol.... THOUGHTS?!?! My next Rifle....Pistol... Im confused but love the gun! Remington has a history with producing bolt action pistols starting with XP100 mid grip and continuing to the Custom Shop 40XP pistols. The NEW Model 700 CP (Chassis Pistol)...
  3. SOLD! NEW S.E.R.T. Modular Triple Magazine Pouch (M4)

    Bought this a few months back for my TCC case and never got around to using it. Very high quality. Coyote Color. SOLD!!!!!!!!!!!!! PM me for payment details. SOLD!!!!!!!!!!!! Shipped (Paypal) $25 SOLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. SOLD! Radian Raptor Ambi Charging Handle - AR15 SOLD

    This is a SOLD Radian Raptor Ambidextrous charging handle .223/5.56- With Radian Brown Levers Shipped SOLD (Paypal) PM me for Payment Details... Features: -Ambidextrous Design -Rapid and fluid weapon charges -Allows for Rapid Palm Blading or Finger Thumb Charges -Aircraft Grade 7075 Aluminum...
  5. SOLD! SOLD Daniel Defense Barrel 14.5" 5.56MM, MID-LENGTH GAS, 1:7 TWIST, LW PROFILE SOLD

    SOLD Daniel Defense Barrel 14.5" 5.56MM, MID-LENGTH GAS, 1:7 TWIST, LW PROFILE SOLD SOLD This is a lightly used Daniel Defense CHF Barrel. Was part of my pin/weld 14.5-16" build but my gunsmith was able to remove the muzzle device without damaging the threads. I tested with a new muzzle...
  6. For Sale: SOLD BRAND NEW Geissele Super Gas Block SOLD

    SOLD Brand new - never used Geissele Super Gas Block that came with my MK8 rail. I have no need so now it is for sale. SOLD PM me for PayPal info. I will respond that day. Manufacturer description and pictures below: The Geissele Super Gas Block is a low profile gas block, designed to fit...
  7. SOCOM v. Scout Squad?

    Good Evening. I am looking at buying a Springfield M1A but I cannot decide between getting the Scout Squad or the SOCOM. From what I have read, both rifles are highly popular and reliable. Apart from barrel length, both rifles have the same color stocks (FDE), long eye-relief scope rail...
  8. Wanting AR Advice please

    SIG Sauer Rifles
    Good evening, all. I am in the market for an AR-15. I love the Sig name and own a very nice P227 SAS. I am familiar with the AR and its functions. I just haven't been able to get my hands on a Sig to feel it or even shoot it. I am wanting some advice on which direction I should go. I like the...
  9. Remington 7400 forearm/stock

    Good afternoon. Several years ago, I inherited a rifle after my grandfather passed away. Specifically, it was his hunting rifle and the rifle I learned how to shoot with. It's a Remington 7400 chambered in .243 Winchester. I am not exactly sure when it was built. Anyways, because of the high...
  10. For Trade: P220 Combat

    ***sold*** Comes with original tan grips and a set of Hogues. A IWB holster and 11 mags (3 10 rounders and 8 standard). Gun has about 450-550 rounds through it and is in great shape. Nights sights are good. $900 plus shipping. Comes with a Tlr 2 (laser is intermittent) and an IWB holster
  11. Hello! Introducing my SSG 3000.

    New Member Introductions
    Hello guys & gals. I just finished putting together an SSG 3000 rifle. Thought the price was OK and fitter a Vortex Viper PST 6-24x50mm FFP optic, along with an American Defense 30 MOA mount (Jan 2015), and a Harris bipod. Here it is: I took it to the range yesterday and zero-ed it at...
  12. New Owner of OD Green 716

    SIG Sauer Rifles
    Hey Everyone, Just picked up my Sig 716 in OD Green and I have question or two at point did Sig stop putting the bayonet lug on the bottom of the gas block I know it’s a mute feature for a bayonet but I was going use it for a bipod mount and keep the quad rail clean so does anyone know if I can...
  13. Custom Bolt Gun

    Gun Projects
    Dixie Precision Rifles Custom .300 Blackout, Remington 700 - Blueprinted, Krieger Barrel with Crowned and Threaded Muzzle and Straight Fluting, Bell & Carlson Medalist A2 Tactical Stock, Wyatt's DBM Bottom Metal, Jewell Trigger (set to 1lb.), Tactical Bolt Knob, Trijicon Steel Scope Base and...
  14. For Sale: Sig 551 Hardcase

    I bought a Sig 551 Hardcase from Prebanarmory when they were $1100 free shipping. Unfortunately I was not able to get the 551-2 that I was looking to get. This is unused and still in the original box. Looking to get $900 for it. Located in Washington, willing to send pictures.
  15. Colt 1911 for Sig M400 worth it?

    SIG Sauer Pistols
    Might have a trade going for a Sig Sauer M400 rifle. Can you tell me how much my 1911 Colt, MK IV, 80 Series GOVERNMENT, 4-digit serial number, is valued? I’ve seen numbers on websites but nothing from a gun value book. (1200.00 to 2100.00). Possible Trade...Sig Sauer M400 Enhanced with a...
  16. Newly Purchased SIG 522

    SIG Sauer Rifles
    I just put a down payment on a SIG 522 at my favorite pawn shop. Is this the pistol version? and is it classified as a pistol? (pic below) I am not legally old enough to purchase a pistol/handgun I asked the seller if I could put a stock on the back of it since its so short. He said "No, you...
  17. M400 Flip Sight Question

    SIG Sauer Rifles
    Disclaimer: Complete n00b here, please be gentle. Haha I just bought a M400 with the flip up sights from Wal Mart. Am wanting to take it out and zero it. However, unless I am just completely missing something, I am not finding anywhere on the rear flip sight to adjust for elevation. I've got...