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  1. Gun Gear
    I would like to post a review of my most recent holster purchase for my EDC SIG P229. The Galco Summer Comfort 2, black leather inner waistband holster. Over the last year and a half I've carried my 229 in an excellently made leather holster by the Master's Holster company and it has treated my...
  2. Gun Gear
    I've enrolled for Gunsite's Seasoned Citizen (old fart) pistol 250 this fall. How much and how fast I can get up and down from a kneeling position will be dependent upon how bad of a pain day I'm having. I'm bringing a pair of P250Cs and my P239-9-TAC as a spare pistol. I've settled on the...
  3. Gun Gear
    PLEASE HELP- Will someone help me finally understand "Holster Retention Levels"? Ever had one of those topics where you just KNOW you're going to get blazed for your ignorance, but there's no other real way to learn but to go through the fire? Because even though I've been handgunning and...
1-3 of 3 Results