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  1. P365
    I have to admit, I did not check all other pistols for fastest reloads. However, I would argue that the P365 is one of them. Here is what is possible with both of mine. XL grip or regular grip. When the P365 has no mag inserted and the slide is back, take a newly loaded mag and insert it...
  2. Ammo and Reloading
    My friend has the M17 (I just got the M18). He's blown 2 extractors in the M17 using his reloads using Titegroup and Bullseye. I don't recall what the powder charges were but I know they were not excessive and within spec. The same rounds worked perfectly in his Glock 19. When we looked at...
  3. SIG Sauer Pistols
    Greetings, I'd like to ask what's your mixture for a 9mm to be shot from a p226 for your reloads? Do you teflon coat it or just lead? 115gr, 124gr or 147gr? How does it group? How big is the projectile and how much and what type of powder do you put in? Any input would be greatly appreciated...
  4. Ammo and Reloading
    A month or two ago I was at a gun show and a local ammo reloading company had a display table with various calibers of ammo reloads. They looked very good and the prices were relatively low so I picked up some in 45 ACP. I went to the range this weekend and finally shot off some of those...
1-4 of 5 Results