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recoil spring

  1. P229 .357 recoil spring weight

    SIG Sauer Pistols
    I recently picked up a used .40 P229 which I dropped an OEM .357 SIG barrel into as well as a new recoil spring from a .40 parts kit. It looks like a flat wire spring which I understand are newer and have replaced the older braided wire type ones. Took it out to the range today and while it fed...
  2. Want To Buy p320 FULL 45 ACP Barrel

    Seeing if anyone has a p320 FULL 45 ACP Barrel/ which i believe is also a p250 barrel. Also would be interested in a FULL recoil spring/rod as well. (Not sure if that is a 45 specific part) or the same as all caliber p320s
  3. Recoil Spring for new-to-me 9mm P220 (1982)

    SIG Sauer Pistols
    I just acquired this 9mm P220, which I am liking very much. This gun is bone dry and needs a detail strip and lubrication. While I'm at it, I'll replace at least the recoil spring. I can't seem to find the part number for this 9mm spring. Is this a 15-pound spring? Will a Wolff 46015 do the...
  4. P229 Legion DA/SA recoil spring issue

    Legion Series
    So after shooting about 200 rounds through my never fired P229 Legion 40 cal I was having trouble cycling the slide and jams started occurring. Turns out that on disassembly that the multi-stranded recoil spring was deformed and bent at about the midpoint. On contact to Sig they initially sent...
  5. M17 Recoil Spring Squeak

    P250, P320, & P320 X-5 Pistols
    Has anyone else had an issue with an M17 where the recoil spring/guide rod generates a very loud squeak when the pistol cycles? It sounds like an old screen door closing. I've tried applying a light coat of lubricant and this did not seem to solve the problem. Right now the pistol only has...
  6. 938 version changes

    P238, P938 Pistol
    I bought a p938 a couple years ago, an SAS, and after about 500 rounds, during which it was not especially reliable (failure to go into battery, stovepipes, fails to eject at least every several mags) it started failing to eject every mag at least once. So I sent it in. Got it back after a month...
  7. Questions on painted/unpainted P226 recoil springs

    SIG Sauer Pistols
    I'm about ready to replace the recoil springs on my P226/MK25 after some 3200 rounds -- just preventative maintenance of an inexpensive part. Some time ago, I got a single spring (Sig 1201263-R), which is unpainted. Recently, I purchased a 3-spring pack (Sig RSS-2269), which has red paint on...
  8. P226 Recoil Spring Calibration, Conventional vs Variable

    SIG Sauer Pistols
    Greetings, I just wanted to know your take and experiences with the following: Basically, what I'm looking at is that the original orange recoil spring of the 9mm P226 is rated at 15lbs right? I understand going...
  9. guide rod stuck in slide: P320 compact 45ACP

    P250, P320, & P320 X-5 Pistols
    Hi folks: Brought the kids to the range today with the P320 compact through 2 mags and son had 2 light strikes...then noticed it wasn't going into full battery. He showed it to me and this is what we found. We tried to "unscrew" the guide rod and spring to remove the rod from...
  10. SIG P250 Barrel/Spring Swap from .40SW to 9MM

    P250, P320, & P320 X-5 Pistols
    Anyone have success in using a P250 9mm Barrel/9mm Spring/9mm Magazine in a P250 .40SW Slide Assembly?
  11. Q. Sig 250C Recoil Spring.

    SIG Sauer Pistols
    Wife, 95 pounds of anything but grip/strength... Insists on no revolver, wants to keep her 250c home gun... With a Bullseye Tgt, she can shoot 250C in the X-10-9 rings at 15yds with gun--excellent shot & skills... I've provided her a couple techniques to rack the slide & lock it... I gave her a...
  12. New from So. FL - where springs they be a flying!!

    SIG Sauer Pistols
    I have two CW's - a P938 that is one year old (approximately 1,500 rounds) and a never fired S&W MP Shield 9mm. Well we're told that the first thing to do with a new gun is to field strip it then clean and lightly lubricate it. DONE. Noticed it was difficult to reassemble the recoil spring and...
  13. Sig P238 HD Adventure

    P238, P938 Pistol
    My wife and I have a Sig P238 Nitron that has been absolutely perfect. In the 400-500 rounds we’ve put through it there has not be a single failure. My wife decided she wanted a Sig P238 HD for the extra weight it has. It arrived yesterday and after cleaning and lubing it we hurried to the...
  14. P220 EFK Double Recoil Spring Buffer

    SIG Sauer Pistols
    Hi Ya'll Probably I'm doing this a-backwards, but I got a great deal on and have now installed the EFK Firedragon Dual Action Buffer Spring kit in my Sig P220 in 45 ACP. Anybody have any experience with this item? I'll be test firing on Saturday and wanted to know if there are any idiosyncrasies...