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  1. For Sale: WTS/WTT Sig Sauer P229R 9MM DA/SA Night Sights Near Mint

    WTS/WTT Sig Sauer P229R 9MM DA/SA Night Sights Mint $700.00 Up for sale is my Sig Sauer P229R complete with original mag, case, owners manual, lock & key. I've already upgraded to the Hogue grip, however the original grip is included if you prefer that unit. The barrel has less than 40 rounds...
  2. M400 M1913 railed gas block removal

    New Member Introductions
    Hi everyone, I'm really a novice to this forum so please excuse if I am in the wrong place. Great to see so many Sig owners, I just got my new M400 SRP which I am trying to build up using a Yankee Hill free float forearm, my problem is removing the M1913 railed gas block - it is just solid stuck...
  3. Railed vs non-railed

    SIG Sauer Pistols
    I've got a used Sig P226 and went to get a Cross breed holster for it. Well, part of the form asked if it was railed or non-railed. So my newbie question is how do I tell if its railed or not? But a little background & history on that feature would be cool too. Anybody out there...