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  1. Legion Series
    Let me describe my issue and see if anybody else has seen it. First off ... I have a P229 Legion that does NOT have this problem so "comparison" matters here. I just bought a brand new P226-Legion-RX yesterday. Stated concisely ... the slide looks great, but the frame is a slightly (but...
  2. Legion Series
    I have a Hornady 7L Sonic Cleaner. Just got it. Also just picked up my P229-Legion (what a gorgeous gun). I've had a P226-RX for a while, and several other guns. I decided it was time to try the Sonic Cleaner after a day at the range. Measured out the proper solution and placed my P226...
  3. Legion Series
    Good evening all. I recently picked up a new SIG P229 Legion from my LGS on 22 July 2016. I took it home field stripped and cleaned the weapon, applied the included Lucas Oil and found no abnormalities although I wasn’t inspecting it very closely. The next day I took it to the range and put...
1-3 of 3 Results