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  1. Legion Series
    I was poking around the web checking out aftermarket slides and barrels for the P320, and it got me wondering.... has anyone done a ported barrel & slide cut on their classic / legion series, in lieu of using a compensator? Would love to see pics and hear about your experience.....
  2. P250, P320, P320 X-5, M17, & M18 Pistols
    So, I am looking for a ported barrel for my p320 357 full size, and it just doesnt seem like there are ANY out there anywhere. Anyone have luck or insight to this?
  3. SIG Sauer Pistols
    I've had a few people tell me how much they like the EFK ported barrel replacment's for their 229's (40S&W) stating that the muzzle flip reduction is noticable and that follow up shots were easier to get back on target. I'm not unhappy with the stock barrel on my 229, but has anyone else been...
1-3 of 4 Results