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  1. P938 Ammunition Rating

    P238, P938 Pistol
    Would anyone be able to tell me if the P938 is rated for +p, +p+ ammunition? I do realize the barrel length would negate the extra powder, and cause a large fireball, however I am curious.
  2. P938 vs P938 Legion for EDC

    SIG Sauer Pistols
    Hi All, I am in the market to pop my gun cherry and make my first pistol. I have been to the range several times and after shooting the P365, P238, P938, G42, G43, and LCP2, I've narrowed it down the the P938. I am wondering if i should pay the extra for the legion series P938, and how much...
  3. Want To Buy P938 Legion *Withdrawn

    *Withdrawn ... Please Close .
  4. Shotshow 2020 P210 Photo: Compact?

    Looking at the TFB P210 CARRY video just now, and a table shot of the various 210s caught my eye. Please help me identify this pistol in question here: THIS ONE: I'm seeing what appears to be a 210 trigger, shorter mags, and the same sight as seen on the P365 SAS. Maybe my Signess is...
  5. How many P938 owners trust theirs for EDC ?

    P238, P938 Pistol
    I'd like to suggest a poll. I'd like to see how many Sig P938 owners trust their pistols for EDC, verses how many have had failures of any kind. I'm lucky enough to have both a new P938 and a new P365. I bought the 365 first, but just bought the 938 because I'm a big fan of SA pistols. It...
  6. P938 - SigLite vs XRay3 Sights

    P238, P938 Pistol
    Is it just me or do I shoot better with the SigLite sights that came on the P938 Extreme vs the XRay3 sights? I seem to be able to line up the rear and front sight better with the SigLite. I have a CZ Shadow 2 it is also blacked out on the rear like the XRay3, and I shoot fine with that...
  7. For Sale P938 Grip Scales: Gray and Black

    Have a set of Gray and Black P938 grip scales for sale. Were given to me but don't go well at all with my green Army edition frame. These have a nice rubberized texture. Asking $35 shipped anywhere continental US. Paypal F&F or Cashapp for payment. I'm located in PA
  8. P938 Failure to feed only

    P238, P938 Pistol
    We are now about 300 rounds into "break in" and my wife's P938 has about a 7% feed malfunction problem. In our case, it is always that the round is nose into the feed ramp. about 80 of the time it is in that condition, a simple tap of the tap-rack combo rattles the round loose and it chambers...
  9. IWB Holster for P938 Legion?

    Gun Gear
    I was talking to Vedder holsters about their Light Tuck for the Legion P938....they said they do not have one yet. Apparently the legion does not fit correctly with the standard P938 holster that they they told me. Does anyone have any suggestions on a good IWB holster for the Legion...
  10. P238/P938 Gen1 Upgrade to Gen2 Parts - A Good Experience

    P238, P938 Pistol
    For those with limited attention spans, see Bold headings below for Cost, Shipping Process, & Work Performed/Parts Replaced. I spent a lot of time reading through this forum once I caught wind of a potential issue with my P938. I found a lot of great information and good discussion around the...
  11. P938 safety self-engaging?

    P238, P938 Pistol
    Just got my P938 working great only to fine a new issue. First of all the safety is torture to the base of my left thumb (I shoot left-handed). Worse though is that maybe once every 50 rounds the recoil will cause the safety to self-engage. Guess I could probably swap it to a righty and use...
  12. P938 hammer fall malfunction

    Legion Series
    Hi, so while cleaning my p938 I noticed the hammer fall. I figured out how to consistently reproduce the malfunction. Would other p938 owners be able to try this out on theirs to check if mine is just a lemon? I love the form factor of the p938 but this issue is concerning enough that i always...
  13. P938 Legion issue with Safety Disassembly

    Legion Series
    This was a weird one I thought I'd share. Like for my P938 Nitron, I procured the Galloway Hammer Spring to install on my new P938 Legion. It was an easy upgrade designed to lighten the trigger by about a pound or so. No issues when I did it myself last time ... Disclaimer: I'm not a...
  14. P938 Legion - First Look

    Legion Series
    Got mine yesterday. Seems VERY solid. What I love ... - The solid feeling - The Legion look - Smoothed edges for carry - The extended metal mag-well - Fits existing holsters made for P938 non-Legion - The price ... got it for $760 so less of a mark-up than the other Legions...
  15. For Sale P938 Kydex Holster

    I am selling my unused custom kydex holster from Reign Tactial in Alabama. I tried the holster, but wound up keeping my 938 in a bag in the truck. The holster has 1.5” belt loops and a 10 degree cant. Price: $70 shipped. These are $105 new.
  16. p938 firing pin block spring

    P238, P938 Pistol
    I was in the process of changing out sights on my 938 this morning and I forgot about the spring under the rear sight. I fear parts have been lost. I found the spring but I'm missing the flat metal piece that goes on the top of the spring to keep it held straight vertically under the sight. Its...
  17. That P938 holster included by SIG ...

    P238, P938 Pistol
    I carry OWB because I'm a big guy, and there's already more than enough packed "IWB". With that as context, after searching, buying, and testing (without success) ... I finally tried that cheesy little plastic holster that comes with the P938 for free. You know what? It's more comfortable...
  18. P938 Observation - For The Record

    SIG Sauer Pistols
    Disclaimer: I'm obviously a fan, by the number and variety of SIG's that I own, so my comments are in no way designed to disparage this wonderful company that has my full brand loyalty. That said, both the directions in the manual, and the actual takedown/disassembly of my new P938 absolutely...
  19. P938 Mag question

    P238, P938 Pistol
    Took the new P938 out to the range for its maiden voyage. After coming home and giving it a good cleaning, I loaded up and inserted the 7 round magazine, racked one in to the chamber and popped the mag out to get the extra round in it. The problem is that when I pop the mag out, the top round...
  20. Looking for a couple P938 Extended mags

    P238, P938 Pistol
    I'm seeing them at Bud's and GB for about $40 apiece. Is that about the going rate? Any other favorite sites you all like to shop at?