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  1. P365
    As a tinkerer, I've dabbled in building many things so when I found out sig offered a modular design EDC, I couldn't resist picking up one of the FCU's and diving straight in. Yes, I realize this will ultimately cost me more money than just purchasing a P365x and modifying, but I wanted the...
  2. Gun Gear
    Hello all, I’m new here and new to the sig world. My p365x is my first sig. I’m looking for a small light that I can actually get a holster for. The tlr 7 sub sticks way too far out for the setup I’m looking to do. I have the sig Romeo, magguts in my mags. So I short almost flush light would be...
  3. P365
    does anyone have a favored IWB holster for p365x Macro? Most I've se3n for this new gun are kydex, plastic etc. it would be nice e to find a leather/kydex or something that's really comfortable like neoprene for conceal carry. Any favorite holsters for a standard p365 conceal?
  4. P365
    A little story, I purchased a Sig P365 FCU from the custom shop when they first offered them. I figured I would just sling one together after I figured out what I had wanted. I have a Sig P365XL that I love, and I figured that the Standard would be to small for me but the X when it came out...
  5. P365
    I live in the Adirondack Mtns of northern NY state. Lots of hunting, guns everywhere. My uncles all had guns and hunted or shot targets, but my father never quite got into handguns. Couple long guns he got back in 1950 (yes, still looking and functioning like new, still in the family!) but...
  6. P365
    The standard factory night sight on my P365X disappears against a dark backlit target. I want to replace the factory front sight with a bright fiber optic, but still retain the tritium night sight capability. Sig offers a TFO #6 front sight ( SIG SAUER Tritium Fiber Optic (TFO) - Front #6 )...
  7. P365
    Found this in my email today. I think they updated this in the areas it needed to be updated. Love the motion activated battery feature.
  8. P365
    So a few weeks ago I found Sig was offering a TiN coated “gold” trigger and thought to myself “coming from Sig, it must be a better trigger than what was in my 365x and would help to lose the “squishyness” of the stock trigger”. So I bought it and installed it last night. Though it looks...
  9. P365
    recently Sig has been promoting a new gold trigger and barrels for the P365 and i was wondering if just changing out the trigger face would help with any of the take up or the trigger reset at all.... I have been weighing the option of buying the upgraded FCU but im not completely sold that it...
  10. P365
    hello all, Has anyone acquired the AC comp for a p365x? I have been looking All over for videos and more pics of a review or demonstration of how flat it might shoot. But I’m not finding barely anything. I’d like to see a demo and get opinions before making that investment. Thanks y’all
  11. P365
    I bought the P365x a little over a week ago. Couldn’t resist and ordered on the Holosun 507K-X2 Micro Green dot and 3 15 round magazines. Love the optic! Yesterday, I just changed to to a grey grip ans added a manual safety for more piece of mind carrying AIWB. Since the gun was disassembled...
  12. Gun Projects
    Took longer than I wanted and certainly spent more money than I thought I ever would. But its done. I tried the Icarus Precision aluminum module and its great, especially since it has the beaver tail on the short grip. but just couldnt get over the grip texture. its just not nearly as good as...
  13. F4923D0E-25E6-4BC6-9CE3-286F23018CA8.jpeg

    P365 with x slide, short grip, Griffin Armament barrel and micro comp. 507k, flat trigger.
  14. 2722066C-9DD2-40AC-8F14-3A75ADE2A505.jpeg

    P365 with x slide, short grip, Griffin Armament barrel and micro comp. 507k, flat trigger.
  15. P365
    Just received and email from Sig that they’ll be making the X slides available. This is intriguing to me as an XL owner who uses this platform as my EDC. I love the XL frame, but do admit that the shorter slide would be nice.....choices and decisions...
1-15 of 19 Results