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  1. Gun Training and Tactics
    When I take my P365 to the range for target practice, how much ammo should I shoot? Is there too much in one day that can damage the gun?
  2. Ammo and Reloading
    I just bought a P365 9MM. Which specific 9MM ammo should I be buying for it? 115 gr, 124 gr, or something else? Is there a noticeable difference for a first-time handgun owner? I want to make sure I’m buying the proper ammo when looking at various ammo sites.
  3. P365
    I finally bought my first handgun (P365 9MM) on Sunday. Picking it up this week. I was planning to get the P365XL but the P365 was on sale and came with 2-50 round boxes of Sig Sauer FMJ and 1-50 round box of Sig Sauer hollow points. Looking forward to more target practice, general handgun...
  4. P365
    What’s up guys! I am trying to figure out if there are any differences between these FCUs besides the TiN coating? i have a custom works FCU where the previous owner replaced the gold flat trigger with a black one and lightly media blasted the areas you can see when the full pistol is assembled...
  5. SIG Sauer Pistols
    After getting conflicting answers over the phone from Sig with half of reps saying, yes, a pistol's frame will eventually crack just from regular use after X amount of rounds, and half saying, no, a pistol's frame will last indefinitely if only shooting factory ammo I decided what better way to...
  6. Gun Training and Tactics
    Hi I just sold my only DA pistol. I had been using it with a Mantis X2 dry fire unit and now need a new way to dry-fire. I'm thinking of getting a CO2 P365XL to use as a trainer, but I'm hearing mixed reviews about it. I wouldn't be firing BBs, just using it for the Mantis. Have any of you...
  7. P365
    Does anyone know if someone makes a magazine for the P365 that holds 11 rounds and is flush for the P365 non-XL? Kind of similar to the 18 round Mec-Gar magazines for the P226? I know the Springfield Hellcat holds 11 rounds in the mag, I really prefer the ergonomics of the P365, but that extra...
  8. P365
    Now that Sig has released the P365-380 that comes standard with a optic ready slide, is Sig going to update the P365 with a optic ready slide straight from the factory as well? Isn’t it the same slide between these two? I’m ready to purchase my first P365 but would hate to see them release a...
  9. P365
    Hi, Any suggestions for IWB holster for P365 XL Spectre Comp? Was looking at Alien Gear Shape Shift carry package. Also thought I could get a shell that would allow carry options for my P320 Xcarry Legion. The website was not the best so any info would be great. Thanks.
  10. P365
    I'm thinking for recreational purposes, to put a P365XL barrel in my P365 (while leaving everything else on the P365 as it is) because I think the extra barrel length will give the bullet more velocity and accuracy. 1) Is it ok to put a P365XL barrel in P365? 2) How significantly different...
  11. Guns
    For starters, I’ve concealed a p227 for a while now. Yes it’s a full size which is a little harder to conceal. I recently bought my wife an M17 which is a full size also. Fell in love with the 320 platform when I first pulled the trigger. Just held the 365x recently and found it pretty...
  12. P365
    Sorry, I couldn't see anywhere else to post this. I HAD a P365 that I had just got last year. Then recently I lost my house (+2 of my furbabies) in a house fire (total loss). I am now literally starting over from scratch. And I am staying on my property in a small 18' borrowed camper. Weather...
  13. P365
    Anyone using a Hogue grip on their P365 outfitted with the Lima 365 Laser? If yes, did it require modification of the Hogue grip? What mod and how was the mod done (tools, etc.)? I have the grip and awaiting arrival of the laser, so any/all insights appreciated -
  14. P365
    Hello everyone, took my P365 out to the range today I have about 200 rounds prior to this range visit with no issues. Today I had two malfunctions both light primer strikes. When I went to clean the gun I noticed some wear inside the slide. Is this normal?
  15. P365
    Does anyone know if there is a difference in the custom works FCU vs just the standard black FCU that came in my P365xl? Specifically just talking about the trigger. I heard a comment from someone that it was a bit smoother and lighter, and didn’t know if that was standard.
1-15 of 161 Results