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  1. P365
    Got the P365 SAS this week after looking at it in the store and falling in love with the sight. After I got it I did some reading and found that a bunch of people were unhappy because the sight was not zeroed very accurately, and there is not an easy way to adjust it. This gave me a bit of...
  2. P365
    What holsters do you guys like for the P365 SAS? Picked one up today and haven’t decided if I’m going to primarily carry that or the P365 XL with Romeo Zero that I also just picked up. In addition to the P320 X-Compact RXP I just picked up 🤣 Think I’ll slow my roll on the gun purchases. But a...
  3. P365
    Any P365 SAS guys out what distance do you feel comfortable hitting center mass with the SAS? The sights seem really innovative, but I am wondering how much they help vs just lining up the slide.
  4. P365
    No experience with a ported handgun. Thoughts on removing the stock SAS sights and having the slide milled for the Holosun HS507K. Is there a potential for fouling the Holosun? Other thoughts/concerns. Thanks p.s.: Am also considering the same sight on a non-ported SAS P365 and interested...
  5. P365
    I recently purchased the P365 SAS. The release to remove the slide is made for a wide screwdriver. I am worried that after a few cleanings that this screw is going to strip or scratch. Does anyone know of a plastic or non-abrasive tool made for this gun?
  6. P365
    I am going to post this in a different way. I have the new P365 SAS and am experiencing some serious issues with the new flat sight. It functions well in only a few scenarios. Good lighting that emanates form above with no light source in front or behind. 1. Low light scenarios. Not dark and...
1-6 of 7 Results