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  1. Light primer strikes and no boom!

    P250, P320, & P320 X-5 Pistols
    I have had my P320(X) for a few years. It has been back to the factory for the drop issue as well as back to the factory twice for light primer strikes. Prior to upgrading last week to a pro-cut slide, I upgraded the striker assembly and it continued to have the issue. Last week, I upgraded...
  2. P320 Nitron Full-Size

    P320 Nitron Full-Size

  3. P320 RXP XCompact

    P320 RXP XCompact

  4. P320 10mm Project

    SIG Sauer Gunsmithing
    Hello everyone, I thought I would share my project of my 10mm P320. I got a full size 40 S&W barrel re-chambered for 10mm, and modified a couple 45 ACP magazines to accept and hold the 10mm ammo. I used a 40/357 full size slide with a 22-lb spring assembled with my 45 FCU and 45 grip module. My...
  5. P320 Subcompact Striker Assembly

    P250, P320, & P320 X-5 Pistols
    Does anyone know if the striker assembly is different for the subcompact slide on the P320? I have a x-compact and ordered a striker assembly kit. When I pulled the old one out to replace it, I noticed that the new one was slightly longer. I looked back at the website, and in small print it said...
  6. p320 SC Magazine Release size?

    SIG Sauer Pistols
    First post to the site. I have looked over several other threads about this issue, but none seem to solidly answer this question. I just bought one of the no-rail p320 subcompact grip modules (sold without mag release assembly) off of CDNN. I swapped the mag catch from my p320 compact to the...
  7. P320 XCarry Cerakote

    P250, P320, & P320 X-5 Pistols
    Hey Guys! I have a P320 Xcarry with the "FDE" Slide and Black grip. I recently picked up a P365 Nitron in all Black and have a local Cerakote Coater that I want to have match the slide on my P365 to my Xcarry. Ive read numerous places that it is FDE or Flat Dark Earth in color and I have also...
  8. Which height front sight does the X-Carry use?

    P250, P320, & P320 X-5 Pistols
    I picked up a X-Carry slide, but it is missing the front sight. What height front sight does the X-Carry with the optics plate come with, 6 or 8? I've decided I'm changing my M18 into a X-Carry and I've like the X-Carry grip much better. Unfortunately, the X-Carry slide I got is missing the...
  9. FrankenSig - It Tis Alive!!!

    P250, P320, & P320 X-5 Pistols
    My XFIVE Legion had to be out of commission for two weeks while I waited for a replacement grip module after it was scratched in transit upon purchase delivery, so I had this wonderful XFIVE FCU and too much curiosity. I now have a firearm that performs as good as the XFIVE but looks unique...
  10. P320-M17 Optic Plate Removal

    P250, P320, & P320 X-5 Pistols
    So I read the posts I could find on the forum, saw that the two screws are SAE 3/32 Allen, applied a little heat for the loctite from the factory, and.... may have a stripped the screws... I didn't try to continue forcing the issue repeatedly, but I felt some slipping (though with how small the...
  11. SOLD! P320 9mm Compact XChange kit and other parts

    Separating things out by firearm to facilitate searching. This didn’t start as an X-Change kit, but I’m offering it as the equivalent of one. There are a few choices, so here’s what I’ve got: Factory Hard Case X-Compact medium black grip One 15-round 9mm Magazine Recoil spring assembly 9mm...
  12. A pair of ACEs to beat a Full House

    SIG Sauer Pistols
    Had to post this somewhere... :cool: Recently picked up a couple of Icarus ACE grips - one for my P365 and one for my P320 (which then led me to getting a whole new slide for the P320 as well). I still want to find a Faxon flame fluted threaded barrel for the P320 - that would make it...
  13. Hi from a XFive, M18 & Sig Air Pistol Owner

    New Member Introductions
    Hi Everyone, I'm a new enthusiast on this site and proud owner of a P320 XFIVE Legion & M18 in 9mm and a Sig P320 Air Pistol Here's a photo of my pistol collection which also includes a Smith & Wesson SW22 Victory in 22 LR and a Beretta 92x Performance in 9mm (& a revolver not shown): I...
  14. Want To Buy p320 FULL 45 ACP Barrel

    Seeing if anyone has a p320 FULL 45 ACP Barrel/ which i believe is also a p250 barrel. Also would be interested in a FULL recoil spring/rod as well. (Not sure if that is a 45 specific part) or the same as all caliber p320s
  15. SOLD! For Sale or Trade P320C COMPLETE EDC Package

    I have for sale or trade the following package. Sig Sauer P320 Compact complete self-defense, every-day-carry and changeover kit consisting of: P320C w/ voluntary upgrade complete and • Bright Siglite night sights • 1 x .40 Caliber barrel • 1 x .357 Sig barrel • 2 x 13 round .40/.357...
  16. SOLD! Fire Control Unit X01 (SRD9 model)

    SOLD PENDING FUNDS I bought this a year ago, thinking that I would get out and use it. Instead, I dropped an FCU into it, dry fired it a few times, and put it back in the box. I’ve just got too many other toys and not enough time. So, here it is for sale...Brand new as it came to me from the...
  17. Threaded Barrel P320 M17

    SIG Sauer Pistols
    I did look up an old thread but it was dated 2018/2019 and I hope this question is not repetitive. I am considering a P320 M17 or M18. I can't find a threaded barrel that does not require gun smithing (even if minor). I checked Sig website, they do not currently have a threaded barrel for...
  18. Can't find a 320C anywhere

    P250, P320, & P320 X-5 Pistols
    Pages after pages of online gun shops show nearly their whole inventory liquidated, and definitely no P320 Compacts. I actually did find a 320C in stock at an Academy near Greenville NC, but as an AZ resident - there's probably no way to get it shipped. The site says in store pickup only. I...
  19. p320 M18 slide Optic concern

    P250, P320, & P320 X-5 Pistols
    so i picked up a m18 slide and while waiting for a holsun 508t, i had a vortex viper sitting around. figured might as well toss it on to the slide for the time being. took the stuff out to get to the nuts under the plate and they look.. rounded? not even sure if they are hex or torx. if i...
  20. P320 X-Carry & Agency Arms Upgrades

    P250, P320, & P320 X-5 Pistols
    Good morning! I have a 2nd Gen P320 X-Carry (Romeo1 Pro/DPP slide plate) and I'm looking to upgrade my barrel with an Agency Arms Mid-Line barrel. Both the Sig barrel and the Agency Arms barrel are 3.9", but Omaha Outdoors (hyperlinked above) only specifies the Agency Arms barrel working with...