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  1. P250/P320 Mag Options in Other Weapons Families

    Howdy, all. Noob here, but active on 1911 and arf. Inputs to the question? For a standard AR lower, I've come across: * Stern Defense combo insert for M&P and 250/320 9/40 - includes LRBHO * Matador MAG-X for 9/40 - no LRBHO I found a dedicated AR lower with LRBHO (sadly an 80%, but can be...
  2. Question about P250 Xchange Kits

    P250, P320, & P320 X-5 Pistols
    Hey all, My spouse purchased a P250 in .45 almost literally before Sig discontinued it. She likes it well enough, but asked about the exchange kits/ getting a P320 recently. The kits for the 250 were always kind of hard to find, but now they are crazy expensive, if they can be found. Despite...
  3. P250 22LR Pistols & Kits?

    P250, P320, & P320 X-5 Pistols
    I'm a P250 Compact owner that started with a 9mm that was a retirement gift from my wife. Later I added conversion kits for 357 SIG and 45ACP. I'm now considering getting a P250 in 22LR. So I looked around the SigTalk forums but hadn't seen much (if any) info or reviews posted - what am I...
  4. 22lr kit for p250

    P250, P320, & P320 X-5 Pistols
    Hi, I recently got a P250 and thought it would be a good idea to get a kit for 22lr, as it is super cheap to shoot and as a person new to handguns I need a lot of practice. However, the gun is discontinued and on the used market I only see 10mm, .40 ect. Any idea where I could find one? For a...
  5. FIrst handgun ever and dumb question

    New Member Introductions
    Hi all, I just recently got into firearms and found a (very) used P250 at a local gun store and this forum came up a lot during google searches. I like the DAO trigger, specially as I had shot a friends Glock and that thing freaks me out. However I am here to learn more about the Sig Sauer...
  6. P250?? difference in 380 & 9mm

    P250, P320, & P320 X-5 Pistols
    Ok... this may have been asked before... but is the only difference in the 380 and 9mm P250 setups the barrel and magazines... have the 9mm and can get a barrel and mags cheap... is the slide & spring the same?? thanks in advance...
  7. P250C conversion question

    P250, P320, & P320 X-5 Pistols
    Hi, I can't find the forest because of all the trees. I've got an opportunity to purchase a Sig P250 compact in 40S&W that also includes the 22lr conversion kit for a decent price. Will just exchanging the 40S&W barrel (using the 40S&W slide) with a P250c 9mm barrel (and 9mm mags)...
  8. SOLD! SIG Sauer P250F 9mm Complete Slide

    SOLD I have for sale a mildly used SIG Sauer P250 Full Size complete slide only. This is the Full size Slide with Contrast Three Dot Sights, Full Size 9mm Barrel, Full Size Recoil Spring and Full Size Guide Rod. The barrel is the P250 type with the silver top. I am Asking $230 Shipped OBO...
  9. HELP!!!! Looking for small grip for large frame size p250 in .45 ACP

    P250, P320, & P320 X-5 Pistols
    As I now understand that the short-reach trigger is no longer going to be made, I am trying to find the small-sized grip for the large grip size P250 in .45 ACP. (That may also be obsolute, too. Thanks, Sig!) The medium almost fits, ALMOST, but due to bone shape changes in my right (and...
  10. Need a P250 short trigger!!

    P250, P320, & P320 X-5 Pistols
    Anyone have a P250 short trigger laying around? I've been looking for one with no luck. If you have one you'd like to sell, let me know and name your price! Thanks, Rick Gorman ([email protected])
  11. SOLD! Another Price Drop!! Sig Sauer P250 40S&W

    $250 for pistol, shipping to be calculated based on where your FFL is. PayPal, cash, check, money order accepted. Firearm: Sig Sauer P250 Caliber: 40S&W Magazines: 2 (13 round) Size: Compact (3.9" barrel) Grip size: Medium with Talon Rubberized Grip installed Sights Sig Night Sights Action...
  12. SOLD! New P320/250 21 Round 9mm Magazine

    NIB. Never used. $45 shipped PayPal F&F
  13. How can i tell if my p250 is compact or subcompact ?

    P250, P320, & P320 X-5 Pistols
    Hi !! i am very new to sig pistols and i just bought a P250 yesterday in .380 i was thinking about buying the x change kit for 9mm, but i´m really confused with the size of my pistol since the didn´t told me anything about it at the gun shop. it came with 3 15 rounds magazines. is there any way...
  14. p250 availability

    P250, P320, & P320 X-5 Pistols
    I just need to know if the exchange kits are being cut from production, or if sig still have any plans to provide those on a limited basis. if they're simply cutting everything 250 then links to any aftermarket marketplaces would be benneficial. Thanks in advance.
  15. SOLD! P320/P250 Grip Module With Reduced Slide Release

    SOLD-Black, medium, P320, P250 Full Grip Module, 9MM, .40 AUTO, .357SIG Latest revision with a new version of the slide release. Grip has about 100 rounds on it. $40 shipped to the ConUS Money order or PayPal Friends and Family
  16. Difference is P250 slide assembly for 9mm and 40/357

    SIG Sauer Pistols
    Are there any differences between the slides assemblies for P250 9mm slide and 40/357 slide? If so, how do you distinguish between the 2 slides?
  17. P250 ejector problems

    P250, P320, & P320 X-5 Pistols
    I purchased a new Sig P250 about 5 years ago and have had continued problems being hit in the forehead with the shells. Two Sig representatives shaved it down to the point where nothing else can be done apparently. I am not an expert when it comes to guns. I own 3 Sig handguns, a S&W 5 shot...
  18. For Sale Sig P320 / P250 Mags & Holster

    Sig P320 / P250 Mags & Holster Brand new, never used P320/P250 14 round magazine for .40 S&W/357 Sig. This is the size that comes with the Full/Carry size pistols. $40 shipped Payment: PayPal Friends and Family or USPS Money Order...
  19. Buying a Sig P250, 9MM, Full-sized - Questions

    P250, P320, & P320 X-5 Pistols
    I am finishing up 2 weeks of working lots of overtime (as a Security Officer) - 32.5 hours overtime pay will give me more than enough to buy a pistol. For many reasons, I have decided on a Sig Sauer P250, 9mm, Full-sized. I've spent many hours looking at the P320, the Glock 17 & 19, the S&W...
  20. Greeting from TEXAS - Austin

    New Member Introductions
    I am a "50's something" native born Texan, living in Austin. U.S. military veteran - Security Specialist. Married. Follower of Jesus Christ. Commissioned (armed) Security Officer, working for G4S. CHL holder. Expert marksman (hundreds of hours of weapons training, in the military and with...