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p250 9mm

  1. SOLD! WTS - ANIB SIG P250 Sub-Comp 9mm Exchange Kit - $260

    Picked this up recently and decided to get out of the SIG P250 9mm business (keeping the .380). It has night sights (Code AM) and comes as shown with three Italian mags and subcompact grip. It is unfired/unused - with no dings, scratches on the slide or barrel - and it has not been holstered or...
  2. SOLD! SIG P250 Full Size 9mm Xchange Kit ** REDUCED **

    I just picked up an ANIB P250 2SUM in 9mm and do not need the full-size exchange kit. It has night sights (code AM) and comes as shown with one mag and a spare subcompact grip only - no mag for the SC grip. It is unfired/unused - with no dings, scratches or mars. It will come with the SIG...
  3. Want To Buy P250 9mm FS Slide/BBL

    Looking for a full size, 9mm P250 slide/barrel/guide rod/spring for a reasonable price. Any level of wear above blown out/no rifling left, will be considered. Please, PM me. Thank you.
  4. Want To Buy WTB/WTT - P250 9mm X-Change Kit

    Hey there everybody! I'm looking for a 9mm barrel/slide assembly for a P250 I just purchased. It's currently a Compact chambered in .40. I'm looking to change it to a 9mm Compact or 9mm Full Size. If you're interested in a .40 assembly/kit, I'll happily trade! I'm very new to all this...
  5. For Sale NEW P250 FULL-SIZE 9MM & 2 17-RD MAGS $350 firm

    I have a new, P250 full-size 9mm (medium grip) w/ two 17 rd. mags, holster, and hard carrying case. I bought it on September 14, and I would keep it, except that my arthritic fingers can't handle the pain caused by its DAO. Only shot 100 rounds through it. Works flawlessly. :D Trigger...
  6. P250C or SP2022 in 9mm

    Hi folks, Apparently the state of Florida is quite backed up on background checks at the moment and my charactered past has prevented an immediate approval to take possession. Some dealers will allow you to take possession even if approval is conditional but the one I'm working with doesn't...
  7. Help me choose a 9mm concealed carry pistol. P250? P239?

    P250, P320, & P320 X-5 Pistols
    I'm relatively new to shooting (took a private intro lesson at the range and have gone back to shoot with rentals a couple of times) and would like some opinions on a 9mm pistol that will work for concealed carry. I was originally looking at the 9mm P229 but I think it might be on the large size...