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  1. Want To Buy P239 .357 SIG Barrel

    Hello all, Looking for a p239 .357 SIG barrel. Factory, BarSto, New, Used. Not picky at all. Let me know if you have one on offer!
  2. P239 differences in variants?

    SIG Sauer Pistols
    I have decided my next gun buy needs to be a p239. However, finding information on it and its variants yields many different sources, not always with consistent information. PLEASE tell me all that you know about p239s, gen 1 sas, and gen 2 sas. I specifically am looking for slide and frame...
  3. hello from missouri

    New Member Introductions
    new user here but not new to sigs. big fan of (hammer fired) sigs and grayguns. i feel i'm in the right place.
  4. P239-9-TAC; Level 2 and 3 retention holsters

    Gun Gear
    I've enrolled for Gunsite's Seasoned Citizen (old fart) pistol 250 this fall. How much and how fast I can get up and down from a kneeling position will be dependent upon how bad of a pain day I'm having. I'm bringing a pair of P250Cs and my P239-9-TAC as a spare pistol. I've settled on the...
  5. Would you do anything: P239 .40/9mm ?

    SIG Sauer Pistols
    First Post: Hello everyone, as a lurker I've already had about a dozen questions answered. But this one is far from specific. OK, I know this is likely crazy, but I’m going to throw this out anyway. I have a two-tone, P239 DAK .40 S&W. For a long time, it’s been my “house” gun. I don’t carry...
  6. P239 or P225? Preferences?

    SIG Sauer Pistols
    Looking for opinions and preferences: P239 vs. P225. Both are 3.6” barrels, single stack, mostly DA/SA, and are available in 9mm. (P239 is discontinued.)
  7. Difference between P239 and P225A-1?

    SIG Sauer Pistols
    Both are 3.6” barrels and 9mm. What’s the difference?
  8. P239 9mm worth keeping?

    SIG Sauer Pistols
    I have several Sigs, including a P239 9mm. I’m thinking of selling it. I know people like the P239, and I know Sig discontinued it in 2017. I bought the P239 for concealed carry, but I like my P320 subcompact better for CCW. Q: How desirable is the P239 among Sig owners? I would love to hear...
  9. P239 making a comeback?

    SIG Sauer Pistols
    I found the below article interesting as a sheriffs department has just adopted the P226 for their standard firearm as well as the discontinued P239 pistol for the detectives unit. What will this mean as far as mags and such for us regular folks...
  10. SOLD! P239 Mags .40/.357 + Holster&Pouch*SOLD*

    See attached photos. I would like to sell all 6 as a package. The bottom 2 came from Top Gun Supply and the rest are OEM. All are Italian made. $150 plus $7 shipping via USPS Priority mail. PP preferred as FF or you cover the fees. The bottom two mags are sold. The remaining 4 mags and...
  11. Want To Buy P224 357 Sig Barrel - Also willing to trade

    Looking to purchase or full/partial trade for items below: P224 9mm 15rd extended magazines P239 9mm magazines SP2022 9mm extended magazines P220, P226, and P229 rosewood grips P220 and P226 G10 smooth grips I have 3200 feedback on eBay with same username.
  12. Mine is the P239 ... what's yours?

    SIG Sauer Pistols
    I know there are better guns with much cooler features and greater capacity ... God knows I own several of them. But call me crazy ... I REALLY like this gun, and I'm going to miss it. So much so that I actually got a second one a few days ago (a new P239-9-TAC) on GunBroker for a ridiculously...
  13. Front Sight Options for P239

    SIG Sauer Pistols
    Howdy, brand new here ... Traded my P2000 for a P239 (only have $ for one handgun). It is sublime! However, I cannot pickup the front sight when I shoot (my eyes suck). It came with the Siglite Night Sights. In past I have liked XS Standard Dot sights. Any other ideas on a front sight that...
  14. Are there any sig p239 aficionado's out there that can bring me up to speed?

    SIG Sauer Pistols
    I've been carrying close to 20 different striker-fired (mostly) polymer wonders now since 2005. Recently, I've been researching a lot about the P229 pistols, but I want to know more about the P239 (anything you can tell me about the 9mm, .40, or 357 versions [my favorite]). For example, was...
  15. SIG P239 replacement barrel - 9mm

    SIG Sauer Pistols
    Got a screaming deal on a P239-TAC and love the gun, but it came with a threaded barrel. Might go for suppression someday, but for now just want it for range time and carry. Seems the P239 9mm replacement barrel (non-threaded) is "Out of Stock" pretty much everywhere. If someone knows a...
  16. I need your help: Glock 33 vs SIG P239 vs SIG P226 or P229 in .357 SIG

    SIG Sauer Pistols
    Let me preface this buy saying I know A LOT about Glocks and next to no experience with SIGs. I've been firing and concealed carrying striker-fired pistols for more than a dozen years. I've owned virtually all of the concealed carry options from Glock, S&W M&P, Walther, SA, FN, etc... The gun...
  17. For Sale P239 Tac 9mm

    Hi all, up for sale is my Sig p239 tac 9mm in excellent condition. It has: - threaded barrel - night sights - short reset trigger - front cocking serrations - 10rd mag & 2 8 rd mags $600 in Minnesota, willing to split shipping. PayPal/venmo/money order are all good. Any questions feel free to...
  18. Want To Buy Sig P239 magazine 9mm/357

    Looking to pick up one or two P239 mags in 9mm and possibly one in 357 Sig. If you've got some unused ones collecting dust, I'm interested. Also looking for a 9mm recoil spring.
  19. SOLD! Crimson Trace LG439 (SIG P239) Grips*SOLD*

    *SOLD* LNIB Crimson Trace LG-439 laser grips for P239. Installed on my P239 SAS, taken to the range, put in the safe with the gun. As you can see by the pics, they are like new. $175 shipped. Payment via PayPal FF/gift or cover the fees. As of 8/29; Price is REDUCED TO $150. My hunting...
  20. P239 SRT -> DAK Conversion

    SIG Sauer Gunsmithing
    Hey folks, really hoping some expert genius can shed some light on the situation for me. Going by the Sig Exploded parts diagram, a P229 SRT -> DAK conversion video on YouTube, and a P239 SRT Disassembly / Reassembly video on YouTube, comparing the parts lists at Top Gun Supply, and talking to...