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  1. Orientation of P238 recoil spring

    P238, P938 Pistol
    Sorry if this is a noob question! :huh: After disassembling the slide of my P238 for cleaning, I noticed orange paint on the first two or three coils of the spring. Apart from the paint I've been unable to discern any difference between the two ends of the spring. Does the paint indicate which...
  2. Dirty New P238

    P238, P938 Pistol
    Just took delivery of a new P238 HD. When I got the pistol home, I of course began to look at it closely. It was filthy! Under the safety lever was a huge glob of dark grease/oil. I began to clean it and found the interior fouled with carbon. It took quite a while to clean it and a lot of q-tips...
  3. Feeding the P238 - what works

    P238, P938 Pistol
    Hi Folks, I am a new Sig owner enjoying learning the ins and outs of a P238. After putting it through its paces at the range it has been interesting to see what it likes and what it does not. Monarch Brass Case, 94gr FMJ - loves it. Over 150 rounds no issues Monarch Steel Case, 94gr FMJ -...
  4. New Member, OKC

    New Member Introductions
    I just recently purchased a Sig P238 and instantly fell in love. I haven't even looked at my tupperware since, much less pick one up or carry it! I look forward to learning about the nuances of Sig pistols and rifles from this Site. Can't wait until i've saved up enough to purchase a 226. My...
  5. Hello Everyone!

    New Member Introductions
    Fellow Sig Fans... Sure glad to have found this forum. I'm the proud owner of P229, P226 and P238. I have other brands and love them all. Being kind of new to Sig Suaer, I'm still in the honeymoon phase. From Georgia, older member of 65 years and looking to semi retire when 66. That's when...
  6. SOLD! Sig P238 Desert with Extras

    SOLD/Traded Locally: Sig P238 Desert edition in 380 ACP. Factory color with FDE slide, Tan Frame, and Black controls. Has Night Sights on it. Check out the pics. Very Low round count. Includes the following extras: Sig OEM Stainless 6 round mag Sig OEM Stainless 7 round mag with pinky...
  7. P238/P938 Gen1 Upgrade to Gen2 Parts - A Good Experience

    P238, P938 Pistol
    For those with limited attention spans, see Bold headings below for Cost, Shipping Process, & Work Performed/Parts Replaced. I spent a lot of time reading through this forum once I caught wind of a potential issue with my P938. I found a lot of great information and good discussion around the...
  8. combat two tone p238 anyone know?

    P238, P938 Pistol
    I just bought a p238 combat two tone at a retail store. I have been looking on the sig website and I don't see it anywhere? Did i buy some weird knock off cheap version? Anyone have any info? thanks!
  9. P238 Accuracy Issue

    P238, P938 Pistol
    Hello New to this forum. I read a previous thread for inaccuracies with P238, but I need some ideas. I am checking on this on behalf of a friend who bought a P238 2 years ago. New shooter, so not alot of experience. Four different people have shot the gun (the owner, a handgun education...
  10. P238 Hammer & Dry Fire questions

    P238, P938 Pistol
    Hi, I’m new here and this is my second post. I have a couple of questions regarding my beloved P238, but first a little background. I’m still a novice and have been looking into purchasing a laser dry firing system. That way I can practice my aim more frequently when I cannot get out to the...
  11. P238 Red Laser Question or Observations

    P238, P938 Pistol
    Hello, I have a P238 and decided to use the SIG Sauer laser that came with the pistol. I am new to using laser sights on a weapon. So try to be gentle with my knowledge. The Laser was very easy to setup and adjust. After depressing the recessed power switch the laser takes about 60 - 150...
  12. P238 Trigger Replacement - Can't remove Trigger Pin!

    I own a P238 TSS-CA and want to replace the trigger. I cannot for the life of me get the trigger pin out. Any suggestions or tricks? I heard the pin may be tapered--if so, which direction should it be removed? I have tried cupped punches and hit it pretty firmly--no visible movement...
  13. P238 ejection problem

    P238, P938 Pistol
    Got the wife a NIB P238 for Defense. (The Pretty Purple one). She's small and up until this point has only fired a Ruger SR22. Last time we went to the range, we brought the SIG. She hands it to me and said she wanted me to fire it first so she would know what to expect. I fired the factory 6 rd...
  14. Leather iwb holster recommendations

    Concealed Carry
    I have a Sig P238 SAS which I carry cocked & locked at the 3:00 position and I've been looking for a neutral cant/straight drop leather iwb holster for it. It needs to have leather between the hammer and my body otherwise the hammer digs into my side when I'm sitting down, but it still needs to...
  15. Do you own a P238?

    P238, P938 Pistol
    This thread is related to another thread I started regarding what seems to be excessive wear on my new P238, however it isn't a duplicate post (at least, I don't consider it to be) because this one has a different purpose. I'm extremely interested in seeing other P238 owner's barrel and frame...
  16. Preferred ammo for P238

    P238, P938 Pistol
    Hey all, I'm a new Sig owner, just took possession of my brand new Sig P238 SAS this past Tuesday. I even got to cut the zip tie on the case! (And let me tell you, as someone who has OCD, being able to "break" the factory seal is soooo satisfying!). But anyway, I've yet to take it to the range...
  17. For Trade WTT: P238/P938 Edge (rainbow) single safety for ambi safety

    I have P238/P938 Edge (the matte rainbow, not glossy) single side safety that I would like to trade for an Ambi Edge safety. Parts are "like new". My wife bought the gun and we took them off the same day. I will trade the hammer pin and safety lever for the ambi safety and ambi hammer pin. My...
  18. For Sale Spartan P238

    For Sale is my P238 Spartan in new pristine condition (50 rounds only, purchased a month ago, original owner, can provide receipt) Comes w/ 2 additional grips (Hogue grips) , original case with holster, lock and literature, and 20 rounds of Federal HST it has not been registered with Sig yet...
  19. For Trade Colt mustang MKIV series 80 Southern California

    SOLD! Please delete.
  20. P238, Then P938 - Guns I love to Hate!

    P238, P938 Pistol
    Let me preface this with admitting I bought my first Glock in 1994. I wasn’t a regular shooter until roughly 2011, and along the way I’ve been through a few Glocks, a Ruger Mk III, and a Smith Shield. In the course of time I quit shooting the Ruger, for its point of aim was simply too far away...