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p238 hd

  1. Dirty New P238

    P238, P938 Pistol
    Just took delivery of a new P238 HD. When I got the pistol home, I of course began to look at it closely. It was filthy! Under the safety lever was a huge glob of dark grease/oil. I began to clean it and found the interior fouled with carbon. It took quite a while to clean it and a lot of q-tips...
  2. Sig P238 HD

    I hope someone can provide some information regarding Sig P238 HD handguns. I’ve been looking around various websites for 238-380-HDW and see that some places list this gun with an alloy frame and weight of 15.2oz. I understood that it was a stainless steel frame and 20.1 oz. Same issue with the...
  3. Sig P238 HD Adventure

    P238, P938 Pistol
    My wife and I have a Sig P238 Nitron that has been absolutely perfect. In the 400-500 rounds we’ve put through it there has not be a single failure. My wife decided she wanted a Sig P238 HD for the extra weight it has. It arrived yesterday and after cleaning and lubing it we hurried to the...