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  1. p232/230 EBAY Used Factory Mag

    SIG Sauer Pistols FYI Just got one from another buyer and saw this PS I may have a slightly used stainless p232/p230 380 mag coming up for sale if...
  2. P232 replacement magazine

    Gun Gear
    Hello Sig Forum, I'm looking to buy another magazine for my P232 but they're not made anymore and all I can find is a magazine made by ProMag. I read a few reviews and they weren't that great. Does anybody know of any other brands available as I can't find anything on the internet. Thanks.
  3. For Sale SIG P230 / 232 Clamshell Box

    Greetings SigTalk - I bought this box from a gent on SigForum last year - thinking I would have the money for a second P230. But, the money never came around so I'm selling the box. It is in near-mint condition - I can't find any marks or scratches on it. Nothing around the SIG logo that a...
  4. P232 "Ding" underbody of slide

    SIG Sauer Pistols
    Got a used Two-Tone P232 SL, about a week ago. Love that .380 Put 100 rounds thru it 2nd range day, taking it apart to clean after and saw this decent "ding" on the ? center channel "ramp" on the underbody of the slide. *** Picture Attached Not even sure what that "center ramp" is called...
  5. P232 Problem

    SIG Sauer Pistols
    My P232 jammed several times at the range last week, which it hardly ever does. When I broke it down for cleaning, the extractor, pin and spring fell out on the table. This never happened before. The pin looks worn on one end. Since the P232 is discontinued, Sig doesn't offer parts. I am...
  6. P232 Parts Kit

    SIG Sauer Pistols
    It seems I'm not the only one looking for a P232 Parts Kit. I just bought a used one and want to replace a few things with new parts. Anyone know where I can find this P232 Parts Kit? TIA
  7. Steel Cased Ammo?

    Ammo and Reloading
    Wondering if anyone has experience using steel cased 9mm or.380 ammo? I have a P320 compact 9 and a P2320.380 and I am considering using steel cased ammo strictly as range/practice ammo. I have heard this type of ammo can cause excess wear and possibly be somewhat dirtier to shoot. Appreciate...
  8. Want To Buy WTB: p232 stainless :)

    WTB: p232 stainless Preferably in good condition.
  9. Best production years for Sig p232?

    SIG Sauer Pistols
    Does anyone have any information or opinions regarding the differences in p232 between different production years? Looking into picking up a stainless and am trying to learn some before I start shopping.
  10. favorite holster for P232?

    Concealed Carry
    I'm looking for suggestions for a P232 holster. I prefer carrying at 3:30. What is your favorite?
  11. New to SIG - Comments and Questions

    SIG Sauer Pistols
    I'm new to the forum and new to SIG with a new (to me) P232. It's a German-made (2007) blue finish, alloy frame, slanted slide serrations, barely used, in great condition. It's a beautiful gun, like the Walther PPK. I'll be taking it to the range in the next couple of days but have some...
  12. P232 Failure to Feed

    SIG Sauer Pistols
    I took my used P232 to the range today for the first time. I loaded each of the two magazines with 7 rounds of American Eagle 380. I loaded the magazine and racked the first round into the chamber. No problems. However, after firing the first round, the 2nd round failed to feed. It got...
  13. P232 Magazine Issue

    SIG Sauer Pistols
    I was loading my new used P232 magazines today for the first time since I've had it, and had a box of Federal American Eagle and a box of PMC. The American Eagle loaded without issue but the PMC kept getting stuck after putting loading the second round. After loading the second round, the...
  14. P232 Decocker & Night Sight Question

    SIG Sauer Pistols
    Hello All, This is a two-parter. Just purchased my first Sig and it's a P232 Stainless. I purchased it used and all seems to be good with the pistol except for two issues: 1) The pistol has a production date of 2004 and the night sights are very dim. The front sight appears to be an actual...
  15. For Sale GALCO P232 FL252 Fletch Holster $40

    Like new Galco Fletch OWB Holster for P232. $40 + $5 shipping continental USA. New Retail is $95. Link: Galco holsters; Holsters; Gun holster, pistol holsters, western holsters, shoulder holsters, leather holster and Glock holsters
  16. Good price for P230 or P232?

    SIG Sauer Pistols
    Considering a P230 or P232 in stainless as a daily carry replacement for my gunblue PPK/S What is a fair market price for either gun with 2 mags and the case in very good+ condition? Just looking at various forums, I am seeing prices from $350 to $900 which seems to be an awfully wide spread...
  17. New member from Portland, OR and question about the P232

    New Member Introductions
    Hello all, Recently got my CHL from Oregon and have been carrying the only small gun I own, a Walther PPK/S from the Interarms era. Its a beautiul piece that I bought from an FBI agent many moons ago (it was his backup gun). It was tuned by the FBI gunsmiths and shoots like a dream. But now...
  18. Is something wrong with my p232?

    SIG Sauer Pistols
    I'm new to the Sig Talk forums, so if this isn't posted in the correct place then I apologize. I recently purchased my first Sig pistol, a p232. The thing looks and feels great. I took it to the range and shot 50 rounds through it and I had no failures. However, upon further inspection I see...