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  1. P229r Combat Holster

    SIG Sauer Pistols
    Hey guys, I recently purchased the P229r 9mm and I'm struggling to find a holster that definitively fits the gun with M1913 rail. I'd like to get some options and opinions from others before buying any only to have to send them back. Any advice is appreciated. I'd like to have both an IWB and...
  2. For Sale WTS/WTT Sig Sauer P229R 9MM DA/SA Night Sights Near Mint

    WTS/WTT Sig Sauer P229R 9MM DA/SA Night Sights Mint $700.00 Up for sale is my Sig Sauer P229R complete with original mag, case, owners manual, lock & key. I've already upgraded to the Hogue grip, however the original grip is included if you prefer that unit. The barrel has less than 40 rounds...
  3. For Sale P229R .22LR Upper & 2 Mags Package Kit

    I own the P229R or "railed version". It's model number: 229R-22-BAS, P229R,.22, Nitron, ADJ, DA/SA. It has no more than 200 rounds thru it. Only fired indoors at a local range. It's never been in the weather. I'm actually wanting to go to a "threaded version" barrel. I'm willing to part with my...
  4. Worried about my P229R

    SIG Sauer Pistols
    A month or so ago I noticed while qualifying after I'd ejected my empty magazine and inserted a loaded mag, when I used the heel of my hand to strike the bottom of the magazine to make sure it was fully seated, the slide would fall forward, rather than remaining to the rear until I engaged the...
  5. Hello from Massachusetts (yes, MA!)

    New Member Introductions
    Hi everyone, I am TonyMA, a still very professionally active techie living near Boston, although with a brand-new Medicare card in my wallet :D. After many years of just thinking about it, I followed my family's deep hunting traditions and decided to act--and just got my MA LTC today. Now I...
  6. Is this a rare sig sauer told me it was help please

    SIG Sauer Pistols
    So i have a P229R that i bought from the dealer for my 21st birth day. When i was buying the gun i never took at look at it or anything i saw it when he opened the box , and i went off of what it said from the side of the box. I have other 229s that my dad has i knew what i was buying just from...