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    Selling 3 Sig's. West German P228: I personally have never fired but shows wear of being shot. Looks to be low round count. All original. KD date code. Comes with Box, Manual, test target, and 3 zipper back mags. $1100 shipped. SPF***"Special Production" (W226-9-SP) P226: It has the mk25...
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    I just bought a new to me P228 red box JK (101 1XX) in excellent condition and today I noticed a P229 SAS .357 slide for sale, so being from California where those are very rare I bought it anticipating 3 scenarios: 1). Being able to use the SAS slide on my P228 and maybe get a 9MM barrel from...
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    I’m trying to understand a couple of light strikes I got on my W. German P228 (KB,1991). Gun had been renewed with new springs and also thoroughly cleaned and lubed. After that, over a couple of months I shot five boxes (total) of Speer Lawman 124 gr and 147 gr. No problems. Two weeks ago...
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    I know. I know. There are 16,000,000 threads devoted to "pre-ban" magazines and the different methods to determine whether they are actually "pre-ban" or not. These threads generally devolve into some sort of "who cares", "get the heck out of Massachusetts", or "its not worth taking the risk"...
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    Hi Guys, I finally did it! I got my first Sig. :D I had read a lot about the P228 and had been in the hunt for a long time. I saw prices on the on-line auctions and watched them slip out of range. Others I saw had some markings but looked like they were hybridized or german parts but...
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    I just got a triple-serial-number 1991 W. German P228 from 12131. Very nice gun, and it fills a gap in my growing collection. I've been reading about the German-made P228's for so long that I had to try one. This one's in great condition. I cleaned it this morning and fired a mag of Speer...
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    $529 for rough p228 German? Worth the price? OG box, grips, 6 mags (haven't inquire on what kind of mags)
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    Forgive My newbieness, but I have been unable to find a base plate with pinky finger extension with the exception of x-grip which would require Me to buy 226 mags. There is plus 2 stuff but no finger extension.(just kinda a small brick hangin out the bottom) I've seen that someone moded a...
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    I have 3 sets for sale. Unfired and removed from new guns. $75 each shipped. Payment via PayPal gift or you pay 3%. Check same username on eBay. My feedback is over 3200. First 3 "I will take it" responses get the grips. See my other ad for P226 rosewood grips.
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    Project "Junkyard Dog" begins now. This old IDF (Israeli Defense Forces) P228 (1993 production, should be KD) was decommissioned after being used in any number of abusive ways. It's got more wear, scrapes, and dings than I've ever seen on a firearm. The original grip panels are worn down from...
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    Lot of 6 P228 Magazines*ALL SOLD*
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    Hello Everyone My name is George, I'm from Cleveland Ohio (Parma) for now, retired and own two Sigs. Actually both are recent acquisitions. A sweet 9mm P938 with Hogue rubber grips and extended mag. that replaced a Ruger LCP. Only slightly bigger, but a SO much more capable weapon. Just...
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    Hello everyone, new here but a longtime SIG owner (P228). I am 1 day away from picking up my P224 Extreme that came up on Can't wait to get that. I was out shooting on Friday, and for some strange reason, my P228 - after I shot the last round - the slide didn't stay open. I suspect...
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    A "gun smith" jammed a drill down the barrel of my west german p228. Advice? So this gun seems to have a dark cloud over it. I got a basically nib west german p228 with 3 matching serials a long time ago. It's the nicest pistol i've ever fired and it's served me very well and i take...
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    Looking for a P228 or P229 frame/lower only, either complete or stripped. Cosmetic condition unimportant but must not be functionally damaged. Transfer through FFL only. Please message me with pics and price. Thanks!
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    I have a complete P228 slide and wanting to revive this old charm back from the dead. I am looking for a compatible frame. I've been looking for a while and now I am setting my ego aside and asking for help. Any advice or suggestion would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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    Just found an M11 US marked. B SN range. Is this for real? I heard a story that the AF had "released" some M11s several years ago. Do not know what this means. Can anyone help? P938 P220 S4 P220 Carry P226 P226 Navy P228 M11-A1 P229 P230 P232 P239 9mm P239 .40 Mosquito
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    I'm looking to trade for a 9mm P226, P229, or P228, not the new M11-A1 but an actual P228 with the 13 round magazine. Would prefer the P228. I have a Glock 20 Gen 2 10mm, in great condition. I only want to do a face to face meet, I'm located in Alabama and can meet in Helena, Hoover, or Pelham...
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    I have a P239 9mm with a threaded barrel and I am missing the cap that protects the threads on the end of the barrel. The size i need is 0.5x28 TPI If you have one or know some one that has one please contact me with details.
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    ***sold*** Greetings everyone, I am selling (10) 13rd 9MM magazines for the P228 / P229 they are all in great shape, very minor wear. Only 2 out of the lot DO NOT have "LEO/GOVT." markings, there are 7 dovetail, 2 zipperback and 1 Mecgar. Also included is a Sig Sauer pistol case that originally...