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    looking for a single stack 45, thinking of a 1911, but want/need reliable (grew up on glocks, now bored with them, want a hammer fired pistol, g21 recoil got to me at some point because too light) california compliant? huh? does this come with a threaded barrel or not? does it come with a...
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    Hello everyone, I really want to get a Sig in .45 and was debating whether or not I should get a P227. I realize they were discontinued, but I love my P226 and P229 and have read the feel of the 227 is virtually identical. My only reservation is that I've read a few negative reviews. Granted...
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    I bought a P220, and love it. I found out that Sig is discontinuing the P227, so I’m thinking of getting one before they go extinct. But is there really that much difference between a P220 and a P227, especially where I can get a 10 round magazine for either gun? Is it just personal preference?
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    New in unopened package. LPA states this is for P229, P320. It will fit most P220, P225, P226, P228, and P227 with dovetail sights, but you may need a different front sight to get desired sight picture. I have priced below the street price of just the rear sight. This is the target model...
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    Just checked sigs website and the P227 has been removed all together. I guess it was only a matter of time considering last I checked they were only offering the Nitron and RX model.
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    I am selling my P227 that I bought in March. It is very fun to shoot, but I find that I am drawn more toward my *gasp* Remmy double stack 1911. I have put about 120 rounds through the pistol. I have all the original packaging and box, & have more pics available. Price: $730 shipped...
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    IIRC I have seen pics and mention of a P220 in .460 Rowland on the internets, but no mention of a P227? Is there a reason why this would or would not work?
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    SOLD Sig Sauer P227 Very nice Sig Sauer P227 45 ACP. Excellent condition. Less than 150 rounds through this one. This has been well appointed. It has the classic Sig Sauer trigger (the thinner, OEM trigger is available if you would like that one). Also has the short reset kit installed...
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    New, never used $50 shipped PayPal Friends & Family or USPS MO
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    Practically brand-new P227 Nitron with Short Reach Trigger, SIGlite night sights, E2 grips, and two magazines. Has had only one magazine shot through it, it is as "brand new" as possible except for missing the paper grip band. Unfortunately, box was misplaced. Asking $745, but can be tempted...
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    Hi guys, I'm looking for some insight here: I'm in the market for my second handgun. I currently own a Glock 19 which I got as my first firearm about 1.5 years ago (I also have a shotgun, as well as an AR-15 I just built). I want a quality DA/SA so I started looking at Sigs and after firing one...
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    Wondering if there is a way to mount a romeo or burris reflex sight on my p227 tactical. Should i have my current slide machined? Will sigs custom shop do it? Can i buy a machined slide from sig? Has anyone successfully done this? What are my options
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    Hello all, this is my first post here on SigTalk but I have been a lurker for quite a few years now. I just wanted to stop by and let you all know about my adventure I had having wood grips made for my Sig P227. It started back in early February when I bought a new P227 Enhanced Elite. Like...
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    I just bought a P227 Equinox and after shooting it awhile, I have come to love it. While cleaning it, though, I noticed that possibly the grip panel may come off. I just accepted the fact that it was like some other pistols and you got what you got with the grip. Being a 1911 kinda guy, I like...
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    Hello from TX Just bought my (9mm) P226 MK25 a month ago. Great gun!!! After shooting a friends 45 cal semi-automatic (think it was a Springfield). Thought it would be great to get a SIG P227. Now I am shooting both the 9mm P226 MK25 and the 45ACP P227. How great is that! Glad to join SIG Talk!
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    As the title states, I'm looking for a P227 Carry. Let me know if you have any up for sale!:cool:
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    So I've been fawning all over my new P227 Tactical until I take the hour plus trip up the range. In between wiping my finger prints off and sorting and resorting the ammo boxes I'm building up the 'to do' list. During my massive window shopping sprees I keep comming accross different pictures...
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    Posted on the forum then somehow I have been missing this one for some time now. Ran across it earlier today and it appears to be the best. Just thought I'd introduce myself. The new pistol came in today and I'm trying to find out more information. I got the P227 Tactical. I believe she was...