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p226 classic 22lr

  1. P226 .22 X-change Light Primer Strikes

    SIG Sauer Pistols
    Hey all, I am new to this forum, and new to Sig's in fact. I bought my first handgun about a month ago, Sig P226 in 40 S&W.... figured if I am going to buy a pistol, might as well buy exactly what I want the first time! I also picked up the .22 slide for it for range time. Overall, I am...
  2. SOLD! Sig P226 9MM & .22LR w/9 mags

    -Sold-Sig P226 9MM & .22LR w/9 mags -----Sig and extras are sold---- Thanks guys For Sale: Sig P226r with nite sites, E2grips & SRT 9mm slide (NS) with 6 - 18 round MecGar flush mags .22lr slide with 3 - 10 round Sig mags Blackhawk Serpa holster & 1 double stack mag holder in FDE About 250...
  3. For Sale Genuine Sig P226 .22LR Conversion Kit - IMMACULATE

    SOLD!! Sig P226 .22LR Conversion Kit - IMMACULATE Like new... only fired 100 rounds of CCI Blazer ammo. This conversion kit saves on ammunition costs and hones your shooting skills. The .22LR Rimfire Conversion Kit for SIG SAUER P226 features a hard coat anodized slide machined from solid...
  4. P226 Classic 22 - what comes with

    SIG Sauer Pistols
    Just a note that the Sig website says this gun comes with 1 mag. I got a new one last week with an August 2012 manufacture date and it came with 2. One was in the gun and the other was in the space provided for it in the case. The mags are not metal - some type of composite. Does Sig normally...