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p226 22lr

  1. SOLD! Sig P226 9MM & .22LR w/9 mags

    -Sold-Sig P226 9MM & .22LR w/9 mags -----Sig and extras are sold---- Thanks guys For Sale: Sig P226r with nite sites, E2grips & SRT 9mm slide (NS) with 6 - 18 round MecGar flush mags .22lr slide with 3 - 10 round Sig mags Blackhawk Serpa holster & 1 double stack mag holder in FDE About 250...
  2. For Sale: Genuine Sig P226 .22LR Conversion Kit - IMMACULATE

    SOLD!! Sig P226 .22LR Conversion Kit - IMMACULATE Like new... only fired 100 rounds of CCI Blazer ammo. This conversion kit saves on ammunition costs and hones your shooting skills. The .22LR Rimfire Conversion Kit for SIG SAUER P226 features a hard coat anodized slide machined from solid...
  3. P226 22LR fix for slide on last shot

    SIG Sauer Pistols
    The Sig design for the P226 22lr does not hold the slide open after the last bullet is ejected. Not sure why, but it just does not hold the slide open - perhaps an undocumented design feature ha ha. At any rate I bought the gun knowing this and thought I could live with this - but soon found...
  4. P226 22LR and 9mm X-change kit

    SIG Sauer Pistols
    I'm in the market for my first pistol. Over the past few months, I've shot HK P30, Sig SP2022 and P226 and Glock 17 gen4 all 9mm. SP2022 is around my price range; P226 and HK both feel nice in my hands with HK having a better grip; Glock unimpressive; While shooting the various pistols, it...