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    Greetings, So after some fiddling around, I noticed that there seems to be some dimensional and design differences between the mecgar italy 20 rounders vs the sig usa oem 20 rounders. Apart from the base plate of the mecgars having ridges up the front strap and the markings of "plus 2", it...
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    I recently purchased a new 516 and it came with a magpul stock. I'd really like to find the factory Sig stock in FDE if anyone has one to sell. Thanks.. Newbie to the site, my 516 is the first AR platform rifle I've owned! :D
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    I have (3) 12 round and (1) 10 round OEM P2340 mags still in factory cosmo. I sold the pistol, do not need the mags any more. I am asking 120 for all or all accept reasonable offer, would sell separate at 35.00 each. If buying as a set, I will cover the shipping.