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    Make: Sig Sauer Model: P226 Navy NSW Serial Number Caliber: 9 mm Location (city or county): New Orleans Price: SOLD Will ship (Y/N):[/B [B]Other: All original parts and paperwork including COA! This is not a MK-25, this is the P226 NSW one of 2000 made! The P226-9-NAVY is made to the...
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    P226 NSW Navy *Sold* I bought this a few years back so I can't say how many rounds are through it. I put 2 mags through it before it went to sit in the safe. To me, it does not look like a whole lot and the gun still feels tight. Hate to sell it as I know how hard they are to come by but for...
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    I'm looking to purchase P226 Navy with NSW serial number. Anyone know of one in good condition for sale?
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    I'm a new member and interested in whether anyone selling a P226 MK-25 Navy, with NSW SN. Thanks
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    Photos of your guns and serial numbers please. Lets see how many of the 2000 made are in the hands of this forum's members. Here is my example, ser # NSW 013X;
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    Show us your Naval Special Weapons SiG P226's here. Please NSW Sig's ONLY. Photos, commentary, range reviews etc... from Wikipedia: P226 MK25 Released in 2011, the MK25 has been advertised by SIG as being identical to firearm carried by the U.S. Navy SEALs. Features that help identify it...