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night sights

  1. SOLD! For Sale or Trade P320C COMPLETE EDC Package

    I have for sale or trade the following package. Sig Sauer P320 Compact complete self-defense, every-day-carry and changeover kit consisting of: P320C w/ voluntary upgrade complete and • Bright Siglite night sights • 1 x .40 Caliber barrel • 1 x .357 Sig barrel • 2 x 13 round .40/.357...
  2. Siglight Night Sights

    P250, P320, & P320 X-5 Pistols
    Hello all, Was checking for some price drops on a website I go to a lot and noticed that the full size 320 nitron with siglight night sights is $135 more than the 320 without the siglight night sights. Do you think the price increase is worth it? Do you think having the siglight night sight is...
  3. P365 #10 rear night sight

    I just bought my first Sig gun, a P365. I don't like the sight picture and would like to get a #10 rear night sight. Does any know of a source besides the factory? I can install myself.
  4. SOLD! SigLite 8/8 and Sig XRay3 6/6 night sight sets

    I’ve got a set of 8/8 SigLite night sights that I took off of my P320 slide in place of some suppressor-height sites. These are from late 2018 (date code AR), so plenty of life left in them. Only about 100 rounds through the pistol they were on before I took them off (if that really makes any...
  5. For Sale: XVTAC Slide & Full Size Holster (Alien Gear 9mm)

    For Sale Only. Full Size 9MM XVTAC Slide only (no recoil spring or barrel) with an Alien Gear OWB Holster. ~500 rounds have been run through. Slide comes with XVTAC Day/Night Sights. No trades, free shipping.. PayPal Friends and Family, Venmo or Zelle. $325.00 - Slide & Holster $300.00 - Slide...
  6. For Sale: P227 lnib

    I am selling my P227 that I bought in March. It is very fun to shoot, but I find that I am drawn more toward my *gasp* Remmy double stack 1911. I have put about 120 rounds through the pistol. I have all the original packaging and box, & have more pics available. Price: $730 shipped...
  7. SOLD! Another Price Drop!! Sig Sauer P250 40S&W

    $250 for pistol, shipping to be calculated based on where your FFL is. PayPal, cash, check, money order accepted. Firearm: Sig Sauer P250 Caliber: 40S&W Magazines: 2 (13 round) Size: Compact (3.9" barrel) Grip size: Medium with Talon Rubberized Grip installed Sights Sig Night Sights Action...
  8. W. German P226 Sights Upgrade

    SIG Sauer Pistols
    Hello all, I have had a W. German P226 for about a year now and am looking at getting night sights. I really just want to get a new front sight because I prefer the "dot the i" aiming with the original Von Stavenhagen sights. My front sight is a #8 and my rear is a #7, should I just get a #8...
  9. Night sites for Sg 1911 Elite

    1911 Pistols
    I recently bought a full size 1911 Elite in SS. I'd like to mount some tritium fiber optic sights front and rear. Ideally, I'd like the rear sights to be adjustable target sights but that's not an absolute. Sig doesn't sell them I've been told by their customer service. They told me the...
  10. SOLD! FS: Sig Sauer P239 Siglite shipped

    SOLD --- New take offs, shipped priority mail, paypal. And to avoid another warning, I'm spelling this out: "Paypal is the payment method, and the price for shipping is free (aka included in the price of the sale), and to further explain; you do not need to pay extra for shipping." Upgrade your...
  11. ANY info on new fiber optic tritium sights called "x-ray" produced by Sig Sauer????

    Sig Sauer Optics & Electronics
    ANY info on new fiber optic tritium sights called "x-ray" produced by Sig Sauer???? I have tons of firearms which of course equals a ton of Sig's & I'm always trying out new/different sights on my firearms so while looking for the next sights to try on,, & other...
  12. Best night sights that perform day/night and in between

    SIG Sauer Pistols
    Basically I've come to switching the sights on my 239 that are super dim and ready for a revamp, I'm wondering what are best all around including target acquisition, I've researched and come to trijicon hds or trifling tfo's any experience with positive or negative feedback would be appreciated...
  13. SOLD! P320 Night Sights

    Brand New Sig Factory Night Sights. They came off my Brand New P320 9mm Full-size. They were taken off with a Sight Pusher nice and easy, not with a punch. $ 49.00 + 6.00 Shipping anywhere. I take Paypal, Money Orders, Cashiers Checks & Personal Checks.
  14. XS BIG dots question

    SIG Sauer Pistols
    XS BIG dots questions Hello, So a while back I picked up a p226 with XS bit dots installed. I gave them a year and ultimately decided I'm not a fan, but I do love how big the front sight is. So my question is, does anyone know if a regular styled (the two dots) #8 rear siglite(or mepro, etc)...
  15. SOLD! Sig P220 SAS Carry; Stainless, SRT, NS - $800, obo

    For sale is my beautiful Sig Sauer P220 SAS Carry in .45 ACP, with stainless steel slide, DA/SA Trigger (upgraded to SRT), and new tritium night sights. The SAS model has Sig's Anti-Snag melt treatment to smooth out all edges and corners. This particular firearm was born with the DAK trigger...
  16. For Sale: 5/6 night sights for $65 or trade for P229 .40/.357 sig mags

    I have some night sights for sale. They're ideal for 9mm and .357 sig pistols. $65 or trade for .40/ .357sig P229 mags. I have converted to .40S&W and no longer have a need for these. Text me for pictures, I'm having difficulty trying to post pictures on this forum. Nine31-24nine-444one
  17. For Sale: Sig pro night sights bought this summer like new

    I have a set of 40 caliber #8 sig lite night sights sights taken from 2022 at the factory .I replaced them with contrast sights cost me $89 for the contrast .Night sight selling $65 . + shipping buys them, Yes I know I have downgraded my sights ...but it works for me
  18. sight pusher for P238/P938

    P238, P938 Pistol
    Does anyone know of a good sight pusher tool that will in fact work on the smaller slides of the P238/P938? I have a pre-SigLite P238 with old "painted white dot" sights that I would like to replace w/Equinox-style Tritium sites ... the Sig Sauer sight pusher is not designed to work on the...
  19. For Sale: Sig P228

    Beautiful and hard to find German made Sig P228, with old style aluminum grips. The night sights still have a great glow to them. This gun has been cerakoted in satin alum and sig grey. I've lightened the hammer spring. The gun functions flawlessly and has only had 500 rds put through it. I'm...
  20. For Sale: Sig M400 Enhanced OD Green

    I'm selling a brand new M400 in OD Green. I'm asking $1600. Great looking gun, Magpul everything. Shoot me a text 828 284 2631 I also have a Sig P229 DAK .40 w/ sig night sights that I'm trying to sell or trade. Looking for anything really. Let me know what you got. Will sell for $800.