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    Hi all: I found this site and the knowledgable user base a big help while researching Sigs. Now that I've navigated D.C.'s regs I've got a nice 2022. I figured its time to register on the forum and say hello & thanks. Brief intro on myself: I grew up shooting skeet and hunting (mostly duck and...
  2. new user from NH

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    Hello my name is Joe from NH Besides joining this forum because I love Sigs my main reason is because I'm looking to turn my plain Jane P320C which is my edc into something a little more special. Here's what I'm looking to do 1) Cut my slide and get an RMR for it. I'm turn between a Sig Romeo...
  3. New to the Forum / Interested in X Series guns

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    New to the forum, found this place looking for information on XSeries sigs. I am very interested in any info on the upcoming XSeries line (Made in the USA) and on the availability of the old German made XSeries/mastershop lines. Will the new USA sigs also be made to Master-shop quality levels or...
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    Hi everyone, My name is Sam and I am new to the forums. I am a recent Sig fan boy and I love my sigs. I own 1911 scorpion 5" and p226 mk25 dark earth. I am sure I will have more sigs down the road and I look forward to upgrading my sigs. I just order an SRT trigger kit and a stainless steel...
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    Hi everyone! Just got my card on monday and proceeded to pick up a .40SP2022 in two tone as my first firearm! Ive read through some stuff already on this forum and wanted to thank you guys for the wealth of knowledge already. Ive put 100 rounds through my weapon before i had a chance to...
  6. Hello from western New York (state not city)

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    Greetings from the state that converted Hillary from Mrs Clinton to Senator Clinton. Yeah, we suck. Tomorrow I will officially be a Sig Sauer owner for the first time. Would have been today were it not for the holiday. Its actually a little frustrating to know that it's so close, but...