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  1. P250, P320, P320 X-5, M17, & M18 Pistols
    I was at the range shooting my Sigs. Sig P230 9x17 and Sig P320C-RX 9x19. I accidentally loaded the 9x17 (380 Auto) into the 9x19 (9mm Luger). The Sig P320C-RX 9x19 fired, but stove piped the 9x17 brass. I plan to be more careful in the future. My question is did that hurt my gun Sig...
  2. SIG 1911 Pistols
    Hello, All! Chuck in Norman, OK here. While I've normally been a Ruger kinda guy, when my dad (2nd-gen military, I joined the AF after he retired) passed, I took the opportunity to take a step up and buy two guns I wanted at once --- namely, a Sig 1911 Clll. The only handgun I've EVER loved...
1-2 of 2 Results