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m400 enhanced

  1. Interested in replacing the Magpul HG

    SIG Sauer Rifles
    Has anyone put a 12" handguard on the M400 I've recently acquired a Sig Sauer M400 Enhanced Patrol with the Romeo3 red dot sight. Does anyone know if the Troy Industries Battlerail Charlie 12" will be a suitable option? The rifle is currently equipped with Magpul MOE furniture and I wonder the...
  2. New to the forum

    New Member Introductions
    Hi everyone. I am new to the forum and have just ordered my second Sig. Have owned a p238 for CC going on several years and have loved it. I have been in the market for a new AR and decided on the M400 Enhanced with ODG furniture. Pretty excited...should be here in a couple weeks. I do want to...
  3. Left handed Sling configurations for M400 enhanced

    SIG Sauer Rifles
    Hello all, I'm a new Sig owner and I love my M400, I'm a lefty, and tactical stores are few and far between in Maine. I'm looking for info on sling configurations, and having mixed results on the Internet and YouTube. Any ideas/ links would be awesome, I see the Vickers slings alot, and...
  4. Greetings from New Member in Michigan

    New Member Introductions
    Hello, All! Purchased my first Sig recently - an M400 Enhanced - outfitted it with a Vortex Strikefire Red/Green dot sight - and loved it at the range last week. Really looking to accessorize it a bit - not over the top - but am hoping to get some ideas from members here! Glad to be here...
  5. Want To Buy Sig m400 enhanced (black)

    Procured my new rifle. Price was fair and picked up a new threaded barrel mosquito as well.
  6. M400 Enhanced Sight Question

    SIG Sauer Rifles
    Hello everyone, This is the first rifle I have bought since my childhood .22 It is nicely made and I am very happy with it EXCEPT that it comes with a manual for the basic M400 and nowhere does the manual address the differences between the rifles. I am particularly seeking out information on...