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  1. P250, P320, & P320 X-5, M17, M18 Pistols
    Hey Everyone, new to SIG and the Legion. Looking for a holster (not concealed carry of course) that fits the X5 Legion with a Tac Light on it. Also, any reviews on the Legion branded holster? I know it wouldn't fit the light, just curious.
  2. Legion Series
    I picked up an XFive Legion today, hoping to get into USPSA carry optics this summer if ammo is available again. While dry-firing, I noticed that the trigger will occasionally give me a false reset. It doesn't happen every time, but sometimes, while holding the trigger down and racking the...
  3. Legion Series
    Has anyone ever put a threaded barrel on the X5 Legion for a suppressor, compensator, etc.? If so where did you get it from Or does anyone know where to obtain one? I‘ve found one online from Barsto that supposedly works for $320 (ouch) but it requires fitting... I’m really looking for one that...
  4. Legion Series
    Greetings! I am new to this forum and would just like some input. I bought this P229 Legion chambered in .357 sig- brand new, old stock. Everything about it is pristine and has no signs of use nor any marks; just what you would expect on a brand new pistol. I have inspected it alongside a...
  5. Legion Series
    I bought the p320 X5 Legion and an adapter mount for my Holosun 507cx2. My slide however has holes drilled for the RMR. I went to fit the Holosun but noticed there is slight space front and back in the slide cut. This is my first Red Dot on a pistol so I don’t know what kind of force they can...
  6. New Member Introductions
    Hi, New P229 Legion SAO. I live in Massachusetts, so all my mags have the cute little dimples on it. I intend to move to New Hampshire next spring and will properly get to enjoy the Sig Pro Shop! I absolutely love my 229 SAO. That crisp trigger pull is depleting my ammo stock 😁. Looking to...
  7. Legion Series
    Going to have the legion chevron and logo laser engraved on my p226 rxp, does Anyone have the legion logo in vector format , maybe a scan of the white vinyl sticker that came in box..... anything will help
  8. New Member Introductions
    Hi Everyone, I'm a new enthusiast on this site and proud owner of a P320 XFIVE Legion & M18 in 9mm and a Sig P320 Air Pistol Here's a photo of my pistol collection which also includes a Smith & Wesson SW22 Victory in 22 LR and a Beretta 92x Performance in 9mm (& a revolver not shown): I...
  9. Guns
    Hi I am still waiting for back ordered X-5 Legion (this will be my first gun) and the same time i am looking to local listings. Yesterday i found staccato 2 in my area but only comes with 2 mags he is asking for $1750 i offered him $1500 (he only accepts cash) he said not a bad offer but he...
  10. SIG Sauer Optics & Electronics
    Does anyone know if you have to mill the P220 Legion 10mm to get the 1 pro sight to work or can you use the adapter plates on the dove tail?
  11. Legion Series
    Does anyone know what holsters will fit my p229 legion sao, most everything on sigs website says not compatible with sao. Thank you.
1-13 of 71 Results