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  1. Legion Series
    I finally got my ELS installed and the Sig armorer SS. I did NOT adjust over or pretravel (For now) as im keeping the trigger more combat style since its for home defense and possible carry in the future. And i know the sig foxtrots arent the best but it does what i need it to.
  2. Legion Series
    So im dropping in the superstrut on my P226 DA/SA Legion, and the next upgrade i was looking at was changing the trigger. While i had looked at Armory Craft, I prefer the steel curved triggers from grayguns. Now my question is: Is the ELS worth the money for reduced pull weight, Or should i just...
  3. Legion Series
    So i have a p226 Legion, and the grip screws wont budge, to be exact, I marred one up just a tad, Trying to turn it. The Grayguns Over travel screw also has red, So i cant adjust it. I dont understand why they would be red from factory when they should be removable and adjustable respectively...
  4. Legion Series
    Hey all, a quick search tured up nothing useful- what other MRDS options will direct-mount to the new Legions besides the Romeo1/2 and the Leuopold DPP?
  5. Legion Series
    Hey all, I have a fast question for the experts.... I'm trying to get my hands on an "LE" version of both the P226 and P229 Legion SAO, because I prefer the Nitron finish to the standard Legion finish, in terms of both color and the fact I don't care for Cerakote quite so much. My question...
  6. Gun Gear
    I'm looking for a holster for my Legion P226 and I'm considering the Sig Mitch Rosen leather holster. But at $135 it seems a bit steep. Any feedback? Rants/Raves? Any other holsters to recommend? Thanks!
  7. Legion Series
    Howdy! I have the Sig 1911 Target and venerable P226 in 9 MM. I have taken a half-dozen Sig Academy courses too so, yes, you could say I'm a fan. Recently picked-up a new Legion P229 DA/SA in 9mm. Issues: Absolutely love the grip feel of the P226. I know P229 is smaller, but the stock grip...
  8. Legion Series
    so on my continued effort to find more holster options. Im looking to find a new AIWB holster as well, and I already have the blackpoint holster sig sells made for the legion, But the strut digs into my leg joint/groin area and is increadibly uncomfortable after awhile. I was wondering if there...
  9. Legion Series
    Foes anyone know of any drop leg holsters that work with the legion line? I know the controls are different so i wasnt sure if a normal serpa holster like blackhawk would work.
  10. SIG Sauer Pistols
    This is an opinion I've held for a while. I realize I'm preaching to the choir. Just wanted to iron out my thoughts on why the P-series is the perfect duty pistol. Below are some common complaints and my reasoning for why these are simply misinterpreted advantages. The weight: They're heavier...
  11. 🙋‍♂️ Member Introductions
    Hello everyone New to site and sigs for that matter. Handling an estate gun collection that contains a P229r legion in 357 sig with a second barrel in 40 cal. all in a black factory box. Not finding a lot on this particular version. Also have two separate Sig Xchange conversion kits unused in...
  12. Legion Series
    A while ago I bought a p226 legion for my dad and at the time he opted to get the one with iron sights and no optic cut. Looking back now he regrets his decision and wants a red dot., what is the cheapest way to go about this? I know sig sells the pro cut slide for $500 and rxp slide for $620...
  13. SIG Sauer Pistols
    For fun, I decided to create a P220 "Nightmarish" DASA Carry. This started off as a P220 Elite with the 4.4” slide. I was curious about these Elites because the frame looks just like a Legion frame. So, I did a little research and called Sig CS. Sure enough, he confirmed it's a black Legion...
  14. Legion Series
    Hey all, I'm an LEO and carry a P320 professional series with a Wilson combat grip and the sig Romeo 1pro dot. I've had problems in extreme weather (rain and snow) with my dot washing out. I'm thinking of getting an enclosed dot now. My other problem with my current setup is this gun feels...
  15. Legion Series
    Hello! New to Sig Talk and need help getting my Sig P229 Legion operable again. I like the looks of the Legacy slide and have always wanted a 2 tone pistol in my collection so naturally I've paired the two together and got this. The problem lies after 1 round of firing. I can't get the gun to...
1-17 of 94 Results