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  1. Legion Series
    Has anyone else had this issue? Right out of the box my Legion is shooting about 6-8 inches low at 10 yards. I expected much better for the price
  2. .22 Caliber Discussions for non-SIG Guns & Rifles
    Just purchased a .22 LR conversion kit for my 229. Didn't know that the slide wouldn't lock back at the end of the mag.. I am wondering if these aftermarket mags from GSdesigns P229 .22LR Magazines will solve my problems? I called Sig and they said something about how the .22 LR kit was...
  3. Legion Series
    SO I am in a kerfuddle about grips for my legion 229. The originals feel great, but I wanted something a bit smaller. Now I have a set of e2's on. And while they fit my hand perrrrrfect - they area a bit loose on the frame. Reading around here has led me to believe it is a common problem with...
  4. Guns
    Was handling my new sig (229 legion) with some snap caps in and stupidly was lowering the hammer with my thumb just to see how it felt. Probably did it about 20 times. I have now figured out how wrong I was to do this (not a lot of experience), but I am also wondering If possibly I have...
  5. Legion Series
    Legion pride pics.... Post your Legion pics here: This is the place to post you "Legion pride pics". Any pics you want of your Legion like open box, glamour pics, range or reference pics, etc.... This gives new owners a central location for reference pictures. Its also is a good record of your...
  6. Ammo and Reloading
    I called my LGS yesterday afternoon to inquire about some Speer Gold Dot in .357 Sig for my new Legion. They told me they didn't have any(I figured as much). Well today I stopped by to check on my 1911 they're working on(knew it wasn't going to be done) and grab a holster for the P229(also, to...
1-6 of 8 Results