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  1. P365
    *Disclaimer: I am not partnered with this company, this man is not my personal friend, and I do not receive discounts. I am simply trying to spread the word of a good holster maker. There's a man named Chris Sims and he runs a small, single-man business called "Kowboy Kreations", which is based...
  2. Gun Gear
    I would like to post a review of my most recent holster purchase for my EDC SIG P229. The Galco Summer Comfort 2, black leather inner waistband holster. Over the last year and a half I've carried my 229 in an excellently made leather holster by the Master's Holster company and it has treated my...
  3. Gun Gear
    Hey everyone, I just wanted to make a thread (also my first one) on my brand new holster for my newly acquired Sig P229! Allow me to preface this post by saying I am completely new to Sig Sauer pistols in regards to actually owning one of my own. I also want to let the record reflect that I am...
1-3 of 4 Results