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    Hi All, I have had a 1911 Match elite, with custom grips I imported from Texas, for over a year and now and have enjoyed shooting it. I am now looking at a P320 X-Five with a Red Dot to shoot IPSC Production Optics. I currently run CZ Shadow 2 in Production division but can see the Optics...
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    Hey everyone, I am the proud new owner of a SIG P320 Carry 9mm. I came across this sight while researching night sights. It looks like a wicked good website, so I thought I would join. Regards, Wicked Mainah
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    I KNEW about SIGs. But I was happy with my Browning HP, and I still am--first pistol I bought after I turned 21. Too beautiful for daily carry, not that that was easy to get last century... At times I wore my father's old Charter Arms .44 Special, or carried his weird, reliable, and functional...
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    I have white hair so that covers age. Most of my life I was a commodity trader from Wall St to Memphis. Now I live in north Mississippi and 'try' to trade the stock market - it's really different and hard. I'm a Tea Party activist and spend a great deal of time in that area. The reason I'm here...