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  1. For Sale SIG 320 & 938 Left handed Holsters

    I'm clearing out my unused holster drawer. All of these holsters are for a left handed shooter. All of these holsters are in good shape with minimal wear, as I didn't end up using these that much. 1. SIG 938 - N8 Tactical IWB - Asking $30 2. SIG 938 - HarWell kydex Appendix - Asking $20 3. SIG...
  2. P320C Lima Holsters

    Gun Gear
    P320C Lima Holsters: Where? Who? Why not more around? I could use one!
  3. P365 OWB holster options for duty carry

    I work in executive protection. Sometimes I just don't feel like carrying my P30 or G19 and go minimal depending on my job, weather, and outfit of the day. Before my P365 it was my G43 (thank God for more capacity!) I currently carry a lot of my pistols in the Safariland GLS Pro Fit series. A...
  4. P220 Carry SAS Gen 2 Owners

    SIG Sauer Pistols
    I'm writing this post to see what others have done for a concealed kydex holster that takes advantage of the spare and streamlined profile of this great pistol. I have had my P220 for a year - love it - and have been looking for a Kydex holster. So far I have not found anyone who has the actual...
  5. SOLD! Blackpoint Leather WING OWB Holster for P229

    This is a VERY Lightly Used (looks brand new) Blackpoint Leather WING OWB holster in chocolate brown with a black Vajra/Dorje symbol on it. Comes with adjustable metal belt loops AND Molle attachment sticks. Fit for a P229. Shipped $45 (paypal) SOLD PM me for payment details.
  6. Did SIG drop Mitch Rosen?

    Gun Gear
    It looks to me as if SIG dropped Mitch Rosen. They recently had a 30% off sale and now all of the Mitch Rosen products are gone from the website. I think that's a shame. I've been using Mitch Rosen products for a couple of years now after using nothing by kydex and hybrids for over a decade. I...
  7. P229 OWB Holster Recommendations

    Legion Series
    Anybody have an OWB P229-Legion holster that they just love? I'm shopping and wanted to know what is highly recommended by satisfied customers. Rusty
  8. SOLD! StealthgearUSA Holster: P229 rail

    Well, I didn't want to have to do this, but I'm not pleased with my new StealthgearUSA holster. It's the Flex OWB holster they offer made for a P229 with rail. It's all black, new in box. I just got it in the mail no more than 30 minutes ago and I knew that this is what would end up happening. I...
  9. Happy Halloween!

    Alien Gear Holsters
  10. Appendix holster

    Gun Gear
    I just end switched my EDC from a Springfiekd XDs to the Sig 1911 Ultra Compact. What I need, is a very comfortable, well made appendix style holster for it. I need suggestions from people currently carrying this weapon in an appendix holster.
  11. New member-LEXINGTON, VA

    New Member Introductions
    Hello all! New member here from Lexington, VA! I have been carrying a Springfield XDs for quite a while, and just bought my first Sig, the Ultra Compact 1911 .45! This is the finest gun I have shot or carried! Now I need a really good appendix carry holster! Any suggestions?
  12. Anyone use White Hat Holsters for AIWB?

    Gun Gear looks like they have a great product, and I think, based on research it is between White Hat and Stealth Gear for AIWB. It will be either my SP2022 or P320 FS. As an aside, White Hat has a bit of an edge since they are made in Texas.... Any experience, insight, etc, would be greatly...
  13. Holster!!!

    Legion Series
    So I have posted 2 posts now and have gotten a wonderful feedback. Thanks everyone. Now if yall don't mind. I wanna see holsters. Different brands. Preferably conseal carry but I am open to everything:)
  14. Alien Gear Showcases Their Holster Base Sizes

    Alien Gear Holsters
    We get tons of questions about our product, but one of the most often asked question is about our Cloak Tuck 3.0 IWB Holster Base. And that's totally understandable; they have 4 sizes. Micro, sub compact, compact, and full. Here's a great quick video showing what they look like. Conceal in...
  15. Happy Easter from Alien Gear Holsters! Galactic Easter Egg Hunt Happening Now!

    Alien Gear Holsters
    Do you like hunting? Do you like winning prizes? Now is your chance to have some fun and win a Galactic Prize Package from Alien Gear Holsters! Allen the Alien is hiding 3 Easter Eggs through out 9 different pictures. If you can find all 3 Easter Eggs you will entered to win a 2 Holster Combo...
  16. Alien Gear Holsters Shell Trade System

    Alien Gear Holsters
    Ever wanted to know about Alien Gear Holsters Shell Trade System? Alien Gear Holsters offers more bang for your self-defensive buck with a one of a kind Universal Shell System. This design allows you to carry multiple guns with the same premium OWB or IWB holster base. To achieve the...
  17. Sig p320 compact holsters (I'm new to guns...)

    SIG Sauer Pistols
    I just bought my first handgun. It's a sig p320 compact 9mm It came with a right handed holster (I'm lefty.) So basically my question is, in your experience what's the best iwb left handed holster for this particular gun?(links and pic.) Also I would like to make it "mine" if you will. I...
  18. Holster Up A Hero - Alien Gear Giving Away 10 Holsters This Veterans Day

    Alien Gear Holsters
    This Veterans Day, Alien Gear Holsters would like to honor our esteemed service members by giving away 10 premium holsters to our nation’s heroes. If you are a veteran, or know a veteran in need, simply fill out the information below to enter. We will be accepting entries from now until 7pm EST...
  19. Holsters for P938 with Big Dot Sights

    P238, P938 Pistol
    Having just installed XS Big Dot Sights on my P938, I now find that the Kydex OWB holster that came with my 938 has a sight channel that is too short to accommodate the Big Dot front sight. Can readers who have XS Big Dot sights on either the 238 or 938 share the names of the holsters that are...
  20. Sig P320

    P250, P320, & P320 X-5 Pistols
    :confused: I just purchased a full size Sig P320 to use on patrol but I can't find a retention 2 or 3 duty holster, preferably with a light. Can anyone lead me in the right path in locating a holster?