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  1. SIG Sauer Rifles
    Hi All, I have a 556xi upper that I'd like to swap the barrel on. I have the new barrel, I just need a 556 armorer. Who are the go-tos for 556 work? Thanks
  2. SIG Sauer Gunsmithing
    Greetings, I was going through some videos on youtube and came across this: He mentions that the work done to his pistol included a "spring contouring". It can be found right around the 12:30 mark. His explanation that he "contours" the spring so that it sits better (I'd think lower) on the...
  3. P238, P938 Pistol
    Apologies for the dumb questions. About the P938. Is there any good "sight" for this gun. Are there any Sig made or other after market modifications for making the trigger pull less than 10 pounds, preferably between about 5 and 7 pounds? Thanks in advance. Same questions for the 238.
  4. SIG 1911 Pistols
    I dropped my 1911 off at my LGS to have it made "Combat Ready" as their gunsmith puts it. This entailed a throat and polish, trigger job, spring kit and he refinished the feed ramp(I think is the term he used). He told me when I dropped it off that he had one leave the shop that he had "loading...
  5. SIG Sauer Gunsmithing
    Good morning, I am interested in real world, accurate advice about my situation and what I'd like to do. Background: I have in the past contributed to the community by being a volunteer, red-carded Wildland firefighter and an EMT 1st responder. I can no longer do those, however, I still want...
  6. X-Series, Sport, Mastershop Pistols
    My big paws and the extended mag release on my new X5 Short are not getting along well. I would like to find a mag release that didn't protrude so far, more like the stock p226 mag release button. Anyone know of a Sig or aftermarket part that would do the trick? I would prefer to avoid the...
  7. Gun Projects
    I have a SigSauer 3000 with standard barrel that I want to have cut down to 18 inches threaded and crowned with a thread protector made as well. Also have a Surefire registered .308 suppressor and the Surefire flash suppressor/sound suppressor adaptor with American thread. As most of you know...
  8. SIG Sauer Pistols
    Hi everyone, newbie at sigtalk and new to forums in general. So, here goes. Purchased a SigP229 new from gander mt. On 1\31 and had problems immediately. I was greatly disappointed as I'd wanted a 229 for years and this isn't how I had imagined it. I gave it a cursory inspection, tore it...
  9. P250, P320, P320 X-5, M17, & M18 Pistols
    Shot Show at the Sands has come and gone for 2015 - well except for the continued ordering and months of follow-up contacts. I have become the co-owner of a firearms company in Texas that many of you know here, So, Shot Show has become a new fixture in my life. What...
  10. P238, P938 Pistol
    Yet another newbie question:D is there a better trigger (metal - preferably w/ holes)?? And yet again; can I do this myself AND will it void my warranty?? I love this Equinox - just want her with the best set up and make it for me
  11. P238, P938 Pistol
    Can I use a safety from a 238? Is this something I can do myself, as an admitted non-trained (save forums & videos), gunsmith? Will it void my warranty with Sig?
  12. Gun Projects
    I just got a new P226 Enhanced Elite in 9mm, trying to become familiar with it as they have changed the 226 design a bit. The extractor is now longer; I know how I removed it on the old one but anyone have some insight into removing the new one?
  13. SIG Sauer Pistols
    Hi Ya'll I was wondering if any of you have used a great gunsmith here in SO Cal. I'm contemplating changing sights on my P220, the hitch is that mine has a staked (not dove-tailed) front sight, and I will need a smith to do the install. Also what are your preferences for sights, and why? Thanks...
  14. SIG Sauer Pistols
    I have a pair of P239s that I had Sig put night sights on when I bought them. I guess it's been awhile, since there is no longer any discernable illumination. I'm looking for a reputable experienced gunsmith around Tampa, FL (actually I'm in Brandon) to reinstall the original sights on one gun...
  15. SIG Sauer Pistols
    Hello all. I am new to this forum and Sigs. I just acquired a used (1 year old) Sig Sauer P239 Gen 2 SA (.40) pistol. It is in fair condition (owner never cleaned or lubed it) and all factory parts. I am interested in the following Gun Smithing services and would appreciate any advice as to...
1-15 of 15 Results