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  1. SIG P229 Galco SC2 Holster Review

    Gun Gear
    I would like to post a review of my most recent holster purchase for my EDC SIG P229. The Galco Summer Comfort 2, black leather inner waistband holster. Over the last year and a half I've carried my 229 in an excellently made leather holster by the Master's Holster company and it has treated my...
  2. For Sale Blackpoint Tactical, Galco and Knightfall Holsters - P320-RX & P226 / P220

    Happy Weekend all! Lots of holsters for sale.... 1) BlackPoint Tactical Mini-Wing IWB holster for P226 Legion. (This also fits my P220 perfectly) Incl holster, two leather adapters and lots of extra hardware. As New. 2) SOLD Knightfall P320 X-Carry Convertible / 2-Way IWB holster. Belt clip...
  3. Galco holsters for M11-A1

    SIG Sauer Pistols
    Hey all, New to Sig Sauer and new to SigTalk, happy to be here. Just purchased an M11-A1 and have a specific, yet basic (sorry), question. I'm looking at the Galco SC2 Inside Pant Holster, but its fit options are the P228, P229, P229 w/ rail, and P229 w/ bobbed hammer. I contacted Galco re...
  4. Galco Classic Lite for P250/P320?

    P250, P320, & P320 X-5 Pistols
    I've been looking for an inexpensive shoulder holster for my P250 compact 45 and I came across the Galco Classic Lite, which is exactly what I'm looking for. The only problem is that Galco doesn't list one for our guns. I remember coming across a post a while back that said there was another Sig...
  5. Holsters: Garrett Silent Thunder STX 2.0 vs Galco Combat Master

    SIG Sauer Pistols
    I do have a fairly intensive 2-day class coming up, where we shoot 1000 rounds, and so it's time for a new OWB holster for the P229. I'm a lefty and couldn't seem to find any to try at a store, so I followed the reviews on this forum. I ordered the Galco Combat Master, which was in stock. A...
  6. Greetings from New Hampshire

    New Member Introductions
    Hi - I'm new to the forum, owner of a SIG M11-A1 and an M400 rifle, along with a few Rugers and a Mossberg 590A1 shotgun. I shoot at our town gun range, and have been up to the Sig Academy a few times for courses (it's 25 mins away from my home). I ended up falling in love with the M11 up at...
  7. Galco Miami Classic II

    Gun Gear
    Anyone ever run a Galco Miami Classic II Shoulder System with a P226 or similar? And if you did, what was your experience with it?
  8. For Sale GALCO P232 FL252 Fletch Holster $40

    Like new Galco Fletch OWB Holster for P232. $40 + $5 shipping continental USA. New Retail is $95. Link: Galco holsters; Holsters; Gun holster, pistol holsters, western holsters, shoulder holsters, leather holster and Glock holsters