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  1. P250, P320, P320 X-5, M17, & M18 Pistols
    Has anyone shot 45acp out of a 9mm P320 FCU by only swapping or trimming the takedown lever but without trimming back the ejector?
  2. P250, P320, P320 X-5, M17, & M18 Pistols
    I'm pretty excited about the new P320 XTen firearm. But does anyone know if it uses the 9mm FCU or the 45acp FCU? Per Dan Zimmerman from he says it's the 9mm FCU with a 45acp takedown lever, but I've been reading different things on the forums from people who attended the...
  3. SIG Sauer Pistols
    Is there a difference, other than the coating, between a standard FCU of a P320 or P365 and a Custom Works FCU?
  4. P365
    Does anyone know if there is a difference in the custom works FCU vs just the standard black FCU that came in my P365xl? Specifically just talking about the trigger. I heard a comment from someone that it was a bit smoother and lighter, and didn’t know if that was standard.
  5. Gun Projects
    For those of you who have built and used the JSD MUP-01 80%, is it durable, will it last as long as a factory FCU, or does it look kind of like a few uses item?
  6. SIG Sauer Gunsmithing
    Hi, has anyone completed a P320 FCU? I'm curious to know if you can use a hand drill rather than a drill press. Also, some people have mentioned that the included drill bits will not last long.
  7. P250, P320, P320 X-5, M17, & M18 Pistols
    Hi! I'm considering purchasing a Sig P320 because I really like the concept of a modular design. However, because I live in California, I can't get it from an FFL, so it'll be from a private party, at a huge premium over MSRP. Additionally, I spoke with Sig this morning and was told that if...
  8. Good Deals
    P365 complete FCU w/ Flat Trigger installed. Better deal the the curved trigger or other "Custom Works" FCU.
  9. P250, P320, P320 X-5, M17, & M18 Pistols
    Hello all first time poster long time lurker. Build: P320 Custom Works FCU FDEZ works xfull grip PMM barrel and comp 3.6 gen 1 Killer Innovations sig p320c v1 slide p320c/ ca recoil spring ghost precision pin and ejector i recently put together a p320 on a FCU an was having trouble cycling by...
  10. P250, P320, P320 X-5, M17, & M18 Pistols
    When I bought my P320 9mm I thought I had done my research and had chosen a good gun for my purposes (this was well before the ridiculous ammo and parts shortage, back when 9mm was still like $9/box). I wasn't wrong and I love it, HOWEVER... I was sold on the "fully modular" aspect and the...
  11. SIG Sauer Gunsmithing
    Hello everyone, I thought I would share my project of my 10mm P320. I got a full size 40 S&W barrel re-chambered for 10mm, and modified a couple 45 ACP magazines to accept and hold the 10mm ammo. I used a 40/357 full size slide with a 22-lb spring assembled with my 45 FCU and 45 grip module. My...
  12. P250, P320, P320 X-5, M17, & M18 Pistols
    Have any of you bought individual parts to assemble a complete P320 FCU? If so, which parts are available and which are hard ti find. There seem to be many sources but of course much is out of stock.
  13. P365
    My wife just got a P365XL as her new carry gun, and it's growing on me, so I'm thinking I may have to add one to the EDC rotation. So I start looking into them, reading this and that, found this great forum, and things went downhill from there ;) I don't want the stock grip module nor the...
  14. P250, P320, P320 X-5, M17, & M18 Pistols
    I took my X Carry to the range for the first time yesterday and put 200 rounds through it. It was my first time firing a handgun as well, and I quickly realized I have a ton of work ahead of me! :lol: When I got home I cleaned it based on the stickied post referencing the Factory Maintenance...
  15. P250, P320, P320 X-5, M17, & M18 Pistols
    Hello folks, I happen to be in possession of 3 P320s right now: P320 X-5 P320 RX Stainless Slide (from Cabelas) P320 RX Nitride Slide I've noticed some differences in the FCU between the 3 and I wanted to get your thoughts. I uploaded pictures and gave my analysis below. This is my first post...
  16. Gun Projects
    I have seen pics online from people that have made p320 FCU flats out of laser cut metals and even a 3D printed FCU. What I can’t seem to find anywhere are the specs or better yet the g-codes to print or cut them. I would like to make my own to test the limits of various materials and their...
  17. SIG Sauer Pistols
    Hi guys: This is a weird one. I’ve had my P320 full size for about a month, shot it several times and cleaned it every time without issue. Yesterday, as I reassembled it, I slid the slide back on and pulled slightly upwards as I was wiggling in the slide that last inch. The FCU popped out of...
1-17 of 26 Results