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    Greetings, I'm currently planning to get a P226 enhance elite for competition. I was originally looking for a P226 tacops chambered in 9mm due to the 4 20rd mags it comes with but I could get a P226 enhanced elite for almost 2/3 the price. It's chambered in .40 however. I know some can master...
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    Noticed the trend away from 357 going on with many models being discontinued. I am curious what years were the 229 enhanced elite made in 357? I know it's not in production currently. A side question I have been wanting a 229 in 357 for some time. I have the option for a new in box p229...
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    SOLD I am a factory certified Sig Sauer Classic Series Armorer and have my personal 9mm P226 available. It is unique in that it can be configured as either an Enhanced Elite or as a TacOps because I have the components required for both configurations: beavertail frame/lower, SRT (Short Reset...
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    Recently I have been looking into getting my first handgun. Since I was in high school I've always heard SIG was the best. After my father started his job at the local PD, I got the chance to hold a P226R and a P229. I like the P229 because I have smaller hands. I am willing to spend any amount...
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    Hello to all, I'm new to Sig Talk and new to Sig pistols. I just yesterday brought home a new P227 Enhanced Elite. I gave it a quick clean & lube and put a hundred rounds through it. It was incredible. I'm not new to firearms but I'm not an experienced shooter. However, this pistol made me feel...
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    Hey all new P226 Enhanced elite owner from Ohio
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    Will any P229 9mm magazines fit into the Enhanced Elite? I know in CA, we are limited to 10 round mags, that is not the question. If I am searching for mags on line, is there something special that I have to search FOR?
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    P229 Enhanced Elite 9mm for sale Pristine condition: Exactly 500 rounds through it with zero FTF/FTE, cleaned after every trip to the range. Comes with all the original packaging/paperwork and two 15-round mags. I am open for trades and/or negotiation, but not willing to flex a whole lot on...
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    Took off of Market - Please Delete Closed