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  1. Guns
    Hi I am still waiting for back ordered X-5 Legion (this will be my first gun) and the same time i am looking to local listings. Yesterday i found staccato 2 in my area but only comes with 2 mags he is asking for $1750 i offered him $1500 (he only accepts cash) he said not a bad offer but he...
  2. Good Deals i bought this the other day to try it out and it has the quality of a holster double its price ! plus the same seller has one up for bid as...
  3. Guns
    So, I built my own AR15 and I consider that project to be - for anybody - one of the great bargains in firearms. If you do your homework, and shop carefully, you end up with an absolutely world class semi auto carbine that can make even a middle-aged hack like me seem like a pretty good shot...
1-3 of 3 Results